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1) From: Glen Sutherland
Try some Kenya AA.
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2) From: Isabel1130
A few months ago Coffeereview.com did a taste test on the various roasters.  
That was one of the complaints they had about the Hearthware Precision...flat 
tasting coffee.  Those reviewers felt that the Fresh Roast actually produced 
a livelier cup.  I don't know if that is true because I only have the Fresh 
Roast however, there have been a few comments on alt.coffee that seem to 
indicate that they think it is an inadequate cool down in the Hearthware that 
produces the flat coffee.  Try dumping your beans immediately when they look 
right and tossing them a while in the colander.  Maybe that will liven it up. 

3) From: Tom & Maria
What coffees have you liked that you purchased, and what coffees are you
disliking in the Hearthware? Are you using straight roasts or blends? You
should not be seeing much oil from a Hearthware roast ...it takes a couple
days to really emerge. when you see a REALLY oily commercial roast its at
least 2 days old, probably more. How long do you rest the coffee after
roasting and before brewing it? I like to rest the dark roasts at least 24
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4) From: Michael Vanecek
Roasting so close to 100 degrees could be the source of your problems.
Try roasting inside with a fan or something to blow the smoke out a
window. Many people (myself included) have taken dryer hoses and
attached them to fans on one end at a window and placed a little above
the outlet of the roaster on the other end. Roasting in hot weather,
especially with air roasters, will lead to much shorter roast times.
It's possible it's roasting it too quick for the flavors to develop
properly. Opinions? In any case, bringing the ambient temperature down
to 75 or 80ish could help in giving you a slightly longer roast time
which could make all the difference. 
Zimbabwe's one of my favorites - I let it go to a little before second
crack (dark full city). Yum. This is the only coffee my wife likes
roasted a little darker. When you hit Sumatra's sweet spot, it should
slap you in the face with it's taste and body. The Brazil Cerrado
Oberon, roasted at City, is a very smooth coffee. It's one of the first
specialty coffees my wife went to because she was used to Folgers and
this tasted similar (sans the bitterness). I really hope you stick with
it - I've had good luck with the HWP and aside from the WB PopperyII, it
jumpstarted my coffee roasting habit. HWP has experienced a rate of
failure, but usually it's a fan motor going out or a thermister going
out or the like. I've only heard of a few "hot" units. Chill you're
environment down a little in this hellishly hot August - take it inside
and try it. Get one coffee and work out the timing with that one coffee
(get a couple of pounds). Do comparison roasts inside in the
airconditioning and outside in the heat. 
Good luck,
literato wrote:

5) From: Melanie Uy
You mean we can profit off of those ?
And I was just thinking of trying to contract Ted Simpson to build me a
roaster that I could sell for twice the price :)

6) From: Simpson
lousy picture. Mine are better. Oops.
Tom wrote:

7) From: AlChemist John
Sometime around 18:46 10/31/02, Mike McGinness typed:

I usually do my roasting in the morning out side on the open porch.   Well=
I stepped out and it was 24f.  I really considered going back inside with 
my FR with it's chaff collector.  Instead I bundled up, loaded up my 
modified WB with the last of my Sumatra Triple pick and started 
roasting.  It took 6 minutes to hit first crack, about 30 seconds longer 
than normal.  Gambling that the heater was going to be strong enough, I 
went ahead and kept with my routine of switching off the heat for a couple=
of burst after 1st crack, just to keep it from rocketing to 2nd.  Hindsight=
says with 24f input air, this was not needed :-)  Anyway I usually get to 
2nd around 8-9 minutes.  This time it took just over 11 minutes.  Not bad.
Oh yeah, its 22 F this morning, off to roast with no 1st crack stall this 
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
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8) From: Cathy Marley
Ah, a man who appreciates the romance of coffee and ritual! While some
concentrate on being able to reproduce (like a science experiment) the
identical roasts over and over, there is something to be said for the
delight in variability of result.  Most of all the ritual of hospitality
that says, "I roasted this, ground and brewed it for your pleasure". 
Your image evokes that warmth and generosity.  I love Yemeni.  There is
nothing quite like it: rough and unbeautiful to look at but delivering
the "sabor de amor".
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9) From: David Lewis
On a Mac, it's Option-Shift-8 (i.e. Option-*). The Key Caps utility 
is the equivalent to the Windows Character Map.
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nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."
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10) From: John Abbott
OK Rich - I was with you right up to that "2 Weeks" remark.  I've been a
party to the torn brown bag and know that 2 months is considered
extremely quick.  One of the things we've learned is that there is one
thing slower than that slow boat to China - the mail boat that visits
St. Helena once a month.
On Tue, 2004-03-16 at 09:07, Rich Adams wrote:

11) From: elaine jarvis
I'm speechless- 2ndcrackwho're you?
Elaine outside of PDX. I use to subscribe here under a yahoo addy but got
spammed out of it.

12) From: Paul Carder
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Marc, I've had my BEHMOR for 3 days now and have been "practicing" with =
some lower priced India arabica beans I bought elsewhere for this =
purpose. Haven't had a chance to try any KONA yet. Here's what I've =
found out with my "experimentation'. If you are going to roast 1/2 to a =
1 lb most of the time, you'll want to probably stay away from P5, even =
with an island coffee like KONA. You'll barely get to C+ or over,  even =
with time maxed out. P2, forget it for anything. Go to P3 or P4 where =
you'll do most of your roasting for 1/2 to 1 lb batches no matter what =
bean you use. Max out the time either before you start or shortly =
thereafter. I get a nice FC when the cycle completes and goes into =
automatic cooling. If you want a C+ and no more, you may want to start =
cooling a little early before the cycle is over. Remember, larger the =
batch , the earlier you want cooling to start so you don't go over your =
goal. Also, contact tech support at BEHMOR's web site with any questions =
you have. Joe himself may even call you personally with advice. He has =
me twice. Once even before I bought my BEHMOR! He's the guy that =
invented the roaster and knows it the best. Despite it's quirks, I'm in =
love with this machine already!

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