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1) From: Jean
From: "John Blumel" 
The Moka Brew is by Krups.   I love mine!  (Since it isn't offered at SM,
best price I found, for anyone who is looking, is www.cooking.com .)  Go to
www.jumpondeals.com first to check what coupons they have.
Jean  :~)

2) From: Angelo
How is this different, except in styling, than a steam toy??

3) From: George
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I finally found one that was still in the factory sealed box.  Even =
including shipping it was cheaper than at Krupp's online store.
I received it a couple of days ago and have made several pots of coffee =
with it.  It sure does seems to bring out more flavors than the =
technivorm does. 
Those of you that remember about the homemade cloth filters, I have two =
different thicknesses and fineness.  I use the thicker and slightly =
looser woven one for French Press and it does filter out more than even =
the secondary fine filter I got from SM's a year ago or so.  Then I have =
a thinner cloth that is more tightly woven and works better than the =
Kreps and the AeroPress paper filters as it lets more oils come thru but =
keeps almost all of the "mud"  out of the final brew.  
I'm curious about what grind is the best for the Krupp's moka pot so far =
 I'm using a grind that is smaller than what I would use with a paper =
filter but not as fine as the espresso grind I use in the AeroPress.  =
Also when any buildup starts in the boiling chamber,  what can be used =
to clean it up?  Would I use the same cleaning agents (like the powder =
or granular from Wal-Mart's or other stores) or something else?  Do you =
use the same amount of coffee as with the technivorm for the same amount =
of water?
Any help would be appreciated.  I know some of this may be in the old =
archives, but with a few people finding them last year and early this =
year, I thought I'd get a "fresh" view on these questions.
George the MadHemi roaster.

4) From: Vicki Smith
So, I peek in while on holiday and what do I see--an unanswered KMB
question--ha. Eddie, where ya be?
I use the cloth filters meant for the yama that SM sells. They work really
well. I use a grind that is finer than for drip, coarser than for espresso.
On my Rocky, I am 8 over from the zero point. The coffee is good in the KMB
using various grinds, and I do tend to adjust for the bean a bit. You want
something granular, rather than powder.
The KMB makes 40 ounces, and I use about 60 grams of coffee. Ihave a KMB
page on my website that might be helpful:http://coffeecrone.com/brewing/kmb.htmVicki (on a blackberry in the wilds of BC)
On 9/29/07, George  wrote:

5) From: George
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Thanks Vicki for your reply.
I kinda thought that the grind would be coarser than that for espresso =
and finer than drip.  I have also been playing with the grind size on my =
rather new Bodum glass vacuum pot also.
I'm going to your KMB page and get some help from a KMB pro.
Thanks again.
George M.

6) From: Vicki Smith
Fortunately, it doesn't take much to become a KMB pro. I'm leaving mine here
on Hornby Island with friends. I'll pick up a new one in Spokane tomorrow. I
ordered it on-line when my friend became a convert, so the new one will be
waiting for me at the hotel.
This same friend is getting a few pounds of greens as I leave. She already
had an Oster bread machine and a heat gun.
Just call me Vicki Coffee-Seed. :)
On 10/4/07, George  wrote:

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