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Topic: Poppery on ebay (7 msgs / 131 lines)
1) From: Keith Jones
If anyone is interested there is a poppery still on ebay, the picture shows it has a black switch and clear top.  Last bid was $9.00 and it closes tomorrow.  I did a search: west bend poppery.
Andrew Thomas wrote:
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2) From: R.N.Kyle

3) From: Rich Adams
There is a 1979 WB Poppery that is currently at $40 on Ebay.  Are these
models the preferable version for roasting?  The later popperys are only a
couple of bucks.  I see a 300 watt difference.  I am of course assuming the
high bids are from coffee people and not popcorn people.
Rich Adams
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4) From: tk
There is one for 9.99.
I've two poppery I's that I use.
When they get to $40+ I start to look at them with a certain
looook, once they stop looking back, I will peddle them.
Seriously, this price point seems to be pretty recent, and
only for ones with original boxes....etc.
Hopefully, they are not collect items yet. I need a few more
of them.
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5) From: EuropaChris
It comes and goes.  Several months ago Poppery II's were going for $30 and up.  That lasted a few weeks and they went right back down to a few dollars.  I picked up a Popcorn Pumper (cast version) for $10, New In Box, a few months ago.  I was the only bidder.  
Ebay tends to go in frenzies.  When an item gets bid up high, everyone else thinks the world is coming to an end and starts bidding up the same items.  Truly the land of lemmings...
tk  wrote:
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6) From: Spencer W. Thomas
I bought a couple locally for about $3 each (local "thrift" shop).  $40 
is over the top, IMO.
Rich Adams wrote:
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7) From: John Abbott
	With the number of folks who have touted Popperies on Tom's list and
alt.coffee, I would imagine that there are several hundred people who are
very aware of their value as a coffee roaster. LOTS of folks have multiple
models that they use, or keep as backup roasters - I think they are already
collector's items :))

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