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1) From: Rick Farris
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Gosh, John, that's back when Christ was a corporal, isn't it?  (Or is
that corporeal?  I can never remember.)
-- Rick

2) From: Mann Col Rodney C
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Actually it's when Christ was a Lance Corporal...

3) From: John Abbott
I don't know but both you and He can grow a better beard than I can!  I
keep waiting for my face to mature so I can do a real beard - guess its
just never going to happen.
On Wed, 2004-01-28 at 18:11, Rick Farris wrote:

4) From:
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MessageAnd as an aging Army brat, the correct response would be "Sir!, yes

5) From: Gene Smith
Stop...you're making my side hurt!
Gene Smith
awaiting the lightning bolt, in Houston

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