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1) From: Ruth Kohl
66 and roasting for about 7 months. Started along this slippery slope 
because I thought it would give my DH, who had had a stroke Easter Sunday, 
something to keep him interested. He likes the coffee, I do all the 
roasting...best compliment..told me this evening that as a result of home 
roasting he has been drinking the best coffee of his life.

2) From: Ben Treichel
nice :-)
Ruth Kohl wrote:

3) From: Gene Smith
Thank you so much for that, Ruth.  Purr again...you deserve it.
Gene Smith
riding the wild learning curve in Houston

At 62 I thought I must be the oldest roaster 'cause I
had the vague memory of going around in loin cloths,
but on further reflection (aided by lime flower tea
and a petite Madeleine) I guess they were just
diapers.  Roasting in a wok for about a year and a
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5) From: Ron Kyle
Thanks for the nice story Ruth.

6) From: peter zulkowski
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My Poppery has a switch inside with a date on it.. 1980.
Could that be the oldest?
gin wrote:

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