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1) From: Paquette, Joe
Years ago I discovered George Howell's The Coffee Connection in
Lexington, MA. No coffee, since, has matched The CC's LaMinata Terrazu.
We live in East Texas now and a few months ago I found my way to SM
website and did some reading on home roasting. I had a Poppery II
someone gave me a few weeks earlier, so I ordered 8 samplers from SM.
Having the best coffee since The CC.  These many years later, Sweet
Marias is on par with The Coffee Connection.
I'm going to Canton (largest yard sale imaginable) tomorrow for roaster
design ideas. Maybe I'll find a Jabez Burns sample roaster for $20.
Maybe not. But while I'm there I'll be looking for a mill, which is a
more immediate need than a better roaster.  Anybody know of home
roasters who have built a mill, or used alternatives? I realize that a
DIY/alternative mill which evenly grinds, with multiple grind settings,
with no powder is a big challenge.
I could just go spend a couple hundred bucks on a new grinder, but
where's the fun in that. This way I get to go to Canton.

2) From: Ben Treichel
Hey Joe, it came through the 1st time (& the 2nd) ;-)
Paquette, Joe wrote:

3) From: Paquette, Joe
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I wish you could visit The Coffee Connection, but last time I was there,
it was a Starbucks. Bummer....
Here is some information about Canton:http://www.parisandjohn.com/a.canton.html ">http://www.firstmondaycanton.com/andhttp://www.parisandjohn.com/a.canton.html 

4) From: Bob Trancho
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Starbucks bought up Coffee Connection about 7 years ago

5) From: John Abbott
Wow - you guys that live way up Nawth (yankee!) are laying claim to the
largest flea Market?  Ever been to the Dayton Hamfest?
On Fri, 2004-01-30 at 14:59, Paquette, Joe wrote:

6) From: Chuck the AV-Geek
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MessageCanton Texas?  Thats not fair.
I assumes since you mentioned Lexington, MA,  you were also talking =
about Canton, MA.
-Chuck the AV-Geek

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