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1) From: Ruth Kohl
Just got 5lbs of Harrar and it's wonderful 24 hours after roasting, does it 
get better with time, if so how much time?
Goood stuff.

2) From: peter zulkowski
Yup, Really good stuff!
Usually roast enough to finish it in a day or two.
Trying not to roast too far ahead from now on. Here in LHC.
Ruth Kohl wrote:

3) From: Peter Barnes
give it three days
especially with yemen, harrar, and sumatra, the third day is when it 
gets really good, IMO
Ruth Kohl wrote:

4) From: Scott Jensen
Royal coffee's John Cossette wrote a neat article about his recent trip to
Ethiopia.  It's not available on their site at this time, but this BBC
article does cover one part of his experience. Khat.  A mildly narcotic
shrub, that is replacing coffee.http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/if/3611693.stmRoyals home page has some great articles and sooner or later the Ethiopian
article will be there too.http://www.royalcoffee.com/index.htmlScott

5) From: Phil Jordan
If khat is what I think it is (qat), then from reading Antony Wild's book I
understand that khat has been around at least as long as coffee and has
always had a good following in thst part of the world.
Phil Jordanhttp://toomuchcoffee.comThe European Coffee Resource

6) From: Scott Jensen
I did see it spelled that way as well, also called "chat".  The article did
have this to say "People have been growing and chewing qat for centuries in
this part of the world, but it's popularity has grown in recent years."
Sounds like really terrible stuff.  Not dangerous, just a nasty morning

7) From: Kevin
Anyone know if Tom will have a Harrar lot this year?
My home coffee roasting blog:http://homecoffeeroastblog.blogspot.com/Kevin

8) From: Brett Mason
Sure, Tom will have harrar....  If the sky don't fall and the creek
don't rise, and the shipping don't mess up, and the growing don't go
astray, well then you can count on it!
Tom is certain to have good coffees this year...  We will learn which
ones.  Look for the sign: SOLD OUT
On 3/29/07, Kevin  wrote:

9) From: Les
It is way too early for Harrar.  You need to plan your stash to last as long
as you want it to.  I have two Harrars in the stash right now.  One will be
gone soon.  The other will carry me until the next round.  I have a few
coffees I want in the stash year round.  Harrar is one of them.
On 3/29/07, Kevin  wrote:

10) From: Kevin
Stash planning, blending, roast profiling...this is all way to complicated
for someone as intellectually lazy as myself...Just kidding.  I'm going to
try the Agua Tibia blend you suggested Les, thanks.
On 3/29/07, Les  wrote:
My home coffee roasting blog:http://homecoffeeroastblog.blogspot.com/Kevin

11) From: Eddie Dove
Can some of us others come over and try it too?
On 3/29/07, Kevin  wrote:

12) From:
I sure hope he does...
---- Kevin  wrote: 

13) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
Anyone know if Tom will have a Harrar lot this year? 
its too early right now. In fact, I haven't even seen a new crop 
pre-shipment sample on any harars this year, and those come 6 weeks 
before arrival. it's hard to say what kind of year it will be; last 
year was certainly not stellar overall, just a couple good lots here 
and there, especially early on.
What I would anticipate this year are some very good dry process 
sidamo coffees that may exceed all the harars. I have my hand in so 
many pots in the regard, i can hardly keep it straight; working with 
a dutch importer who had the specatular fto lot from last year, then 
working with a specific coop in the oromia group on another lot, and 
then a different oromia coop doing some special screen drying.
the case with harar is different; basically the best results have 
come from cupping tons of lots as they arrive. the reason is that the 
preshipment samples are sometimes so different from the arrival, it's 
like playing pin the tail on the donkey to pick out really nice 
berry-like, spicey or peach-apricot-mango lots. often a great preship 
arrives tasting like a piece of firewood, d.o.a, and we have to pay 
the penalty to reject it or find a new buyer.
maybe it is the unpredictable aspect of these coffees that make it so 
great when a nice lot can be found. but it is also a lot of work, 
very pleasurable work, but work nonetheless...
so, in short: harar arrivals - i have no idea. hang in there. and if 
you like yirgacheffe i cannot recommend the new lot enough, great 
jasmine blossom character.
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