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Topic: 2 year vac/freezer coffee (6 msgs / 84 lines)
1) From: John Abbott
Two years ago Mike and I both stuffed some roasted coffee into vacuum
bags and froze them. Last year I opened one of my three bags. It was
great coffee, but the coffee began losing its flavor after two days in
the air.  I have just brewed a pot with the two year old
freezer/vacuumed coffee.  Its flavor is a little flat but still good.
The tastes could be effected by the fact that I've been drinking freshly
roasted CRLM the past couple of days (Its Tom & Maria's fault).  
I have concluded that coffee that is vacuum packed and frozen can endure
for quite awhile. However it isn't going to become my practice because
it does fall off pretty sharply. 
John - amazed at all the coffee I drink for the sake of science

2) From: Gene Smith
 > John - amazed at all the coffee I drink for the sake of science
Some one has to do it, John...we're damn proud of you!
Gene Smith
feeling a bit silly after his first cup of coffee in days, in Houston

3) From: Dave Huddle
John, my officious, err .. official title here at the office is "Senior
Scientific Information Analyst", so I'll volunteer to take over some of
your duties.
Just ship that fresh roast up here.  Might as well send the Hot Top,
the Solis, the Cona and your bags-o-beans too!
Dave    Westerville, OH

4) From: John Abbott
Dave Huddle wrote:
I might be tempted but the commute would just about kill me.   Besides, 
haven't Tom & Maria reestablished the center on the left coast?

5) From: John Abbott
Gene Smith wrote:
Glad to hear that you're on the mend - and its all behind you now ;))

6) From: Gene Smith
Well it was...right up until I got your note, John.  Seriously...thanks for
your concern.
Gene Smith
riding the wild learning curve in Houston

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