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Topic: Multiple Poppery Mark I and fuse blowing (5 msgs / 76 lines)
1) From: Eric B. Stauffer
Tonight, after acquiring an additional Poppery, I hooked them both up to 
what I though was a relatively little used circuit, and toward the end 
of the roast, just into the 2nd crack (which is OK becaue it was eth 
yrg) the circuit breaker tripped.
The Poppery is my preferred method of roasting. Is anyone else here 
running mutliple P1's concurrently? Do you ever have this problem? 
Should I run a dedicated circuit to the garage just for my P1s?

2) From: Jim Schulman
On 4 Feb 2004 at 21:42, Eric B. Stauffer wrote:
The P1 is 1500 watts, two will trip a 20 amp circuit breaker. 
You can run one along with something like an espresso machine 
which cycles on and off, but not with something that runs 
continuously like another popper.

3) From: Eric B. Stauffer
3000 watts. I suppose that is 50 household lighbulbs. Looks like I'll 
have to alternate letting one cool while the other is going
Jim Schulman wrote:

4) From: Rich Adams
My kitchen's circuits are fortunately on two separate circuits at the
breaker panel.  Two p1's can be used this way.
Rich Adams

5) From: Mike McGinness
FYI, it cost me $100 to have two dedicated 120v 20a circuits run to the
garage. I installed the fixtures in the garage after he did the circuit box
and crawling around under the house pulling the wires:-) Though primarily
for Christmas lighting I use one of them for my roasting circuit now... MM

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