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1) From: Ben Treichel
My dog Shadow, Papillon, had 11 photos of him in a newly published book 
on the Papillon breed. I was given photo credit in the front cover of 
the book. One of the interesting things is that the author of the book, 
Deb Woods, is a columnist for 'The Oregonian"; which I believe is the 
Metro newspaper in MM's area.
My post to our pap list is below.\
Hey All;
The Handsome boy on page 35 of Deb Woods book is my boy Shadow. I 
delayed saying anything about it until after we were able to have our 
breeders, Dennis & Marty Hoeppner (DenMar), over to give them a copy of 
the book. Marty  is on the list and I didn't want to spoil the surprise.
Actually how my family found out about the book was a surprise to them  
(&  a bit to me) also. I knew the book was out, but didn't know if we 
were in it. Over Christmas vacation we stopped by a Borders and I looked 
for the book. They said they had one on Paps and that this was it (Debs 
book). I opened the book and on page 25 is my son and Shadow. Also on 
page 155 is my niece.
Anyway, I walked over to my son and asked if he knew who this boy and 
dog were. Confusion and joy reigned for a while after. Of course we had 
to buy a couple more (they weren't in stock however).
The caption on the last picture in the book is rather interesting, since 
that was actually taken while we were on travel. Shadow had just got 
done 'bossing' around his Golden cousins (pg 135) and decided it was 
time for a nap; now that everything was in order.
BTW, his fringe is thin in the book compared to what he has now. (smug 

2) From: Myron Joshua
This is the kind of OT post that proves that even when the list "going to
the dogs" we are not "going to the dogs" but participating in each other's
important life events.
Best, myron

3) From: Ben Treichel
not on line, however if you have a preferred email addr. i'll send one.
gin wrote:

4) From: Ben Treichel
You know at first I had the thought that this wasn't an important life 
event when you mentioned it. But then I realized how stupid that thought 
was. Saying that this isn't as important as something that is 
'important' would be denying that fun, joy and things that simply make 
us happy aren't important to our lives. Talk about a brain fart on my part.
FYI, speaking of important events, when my Dad went in for the bypass, I 
had the opportunity to mention that there was gentleman on a kibbutz in 
Israel praying for him (or what ever you did). He found that amazing. 
And if i do remember right, Dan (wombat) raised a glass of scotch for 
him; significance of the scotch was discussed off-line.
Myron Joshua wrote:

5) From: Jean
From: "Ben Treichel" 
Aren't Paps wooooooonderfulllllll?!!!
Jean  :~)

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