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Topic: My "nuggets" are getting low... (5 msgs / 73 lines)
1) From: Rick W
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My local stash says the Indian Mysore Nuggets are getting very low in
qty.  I noticed that they have "left the building" at Sweet Marias and
don't know if Tom plans to have any more.  Any of you been in contact
with Tom or Maria and know if more are coming?  It's one of the best
coffee's I've gotten from Tom over the years and I've almost gone
through 10lbs of it.  Soon to be sampling some of his fine Brazils with
my order today.
Rick Waits

2) From: MMore
Nothing worse than "low nuggets"!!!!
Michael A. Roaster of Vienna, Va.

3) From: John Abbott
Good for some Michael - not here!   When it gets warm enough for you to
do an outside Vienna roast it will be too hot to do one on the Mexican
border :o))    Our new place has an air conditioned work shed in the
back that will become the roasting fools room.  Today it is a mild 80
degrees with an 80% overcast. NOT typical- typical would be 80 degrees
and unlimited visibility.
John - roasting on the porch for about another 45 days.
On Mon, 2004-02-09 at 12:40, MMore wrote:

4) From: Rick W
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Yes, I know!!  Just about anytime I've talked with anyone about "the
nuggets", it provides ample opportunity for humor.  
I hear you on the roasting outdoors and look forward to it's return too.
Those heat-gun dog bowl folks are doing it outside to some pretty cold
temps (been following some of their tales over at CoffeeGeek).
Rick W.

5) From: Rick W
Yeah, they told me what would happen if I didn't wear underwear...
Rick W.

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