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Topic: A bean that takes a light roast? (5 msgs / 88 lines)
1) From: drg
Does anyone know of a bean that has a decent flavor when roasted to just
past the cinnamon stage?  I'm looking to make a drink for the color that
won't cause people to wretch.
  Jim Gundlach
     Roasting over a wood fire
        grinding with a Solis 166
            brewing with a Solis SL-90
               In Shorter, AL
     Just became a grandfather for the second time in the most round about
way at about 1:10 this morning - happy Valentines Day
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2) From: Gary Zimmerman
drg wrote:
Too bad Tom's out of that Maui Moka tiny beans.  They thrived at a light roast.
Happy Valentine's Day, Jim, and big congratulations!
-- garyZ
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3) From: Gerald Allen Green
"Just became a grandfather for the second time in the most round about
way at about 1:10 this morning - happy Valentines Day"
An enigmatic statement, if I ever read one!
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4) From: Ken Mary
IMO any bean should make a good light roast. The problem is the distribution
of beans within a roast. Poor mixing or widely differing sizes will cause
some beans to be underdone and some overdone. I believe that any method
other than hot air roasting will produce too wide of a distribution, leaving
too many beans underdone, and poor results for a cinnamon roast. You could
do a visual sort and remove the beans that look too light.
BTW it is retch, not wretch fromhttp://www.dictionary.com:
retch (rech)
v. retched, retch·ing, retch·es.
To try to vomit.
wretch (rech)
1. A miserable, unfortunate, or unhappy person.
2. A person regarded as base, mean, or despicable: ³a stony adversary, an
inhuman wretch² (Shakespeare).
Wretch would be appropriate if you make *really* bad coffee.    8^)
Ken Mary - Aromaroast, Popper - whirlyblade - decanter
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5) From: coffenut
A few days ago, I roasted a couple of new beans that seem to do just fine
under a light roast.  They are the Costa Rican Finca La Amistad and the
Guatemalan Fraijanes La Montana.  I usually prefer to roast just a bit into
2nd with most beans.  Following Tom's prep advice, on my Alp I stopped both
of these beans short of 2nd, but allowed then to fully complete 1st crack.
Their color is a bit darker than cinnamon, but completely dry.  The Finca
has a very mild flavor and the Guat Fraijanes is just what you would
expect...a very clean cup.  Both have enough body to satisfy and would be
excellent for sharing with people who may be given to "coffee wretch".
Coffenut  :^)
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