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Topic: Timers to use on espresso machines (5 msgs / 73 lines)
1) From: Clifton Burkett
What type of timers are people using for their espresso machines? Where did
you purchase them? I had a small timer a few years back to work with radios
and lamps but it was not rated for use with 1400 watt espresso machines!
Clif and Odie the Pem - SomeWhere in Florida

2) From: Jeffrey A. Bertoia
I now use an X10 appliance module wired into the home automation stuff 
around here but I
started with one of the newer electronic timers....  I think I got it at 
Home Depot it was rated
for 15 amps.
Clifton Burkett wrote:

3) From: John Blumel
On Feb 13, 2004, at 11:01pm, Clifton Burkett wrote:
I used to use this timer (this is the only picture of it I've been able 
to find),
   http://www.coffeegeek.com/forums/espresso/machines/4495It's rated at 1800+W and, if I remember correctly, you can set up to 2 
on/off times per day, or all weekdays, or weekend days... You get the 
idea. Unfortunately, I don't remember where I bought it.
I stopped using it because a) my Millennium quickly developed the 
dreaded vapor lock problem and b) I decided it was better to just leave 
it on all the time.
John Blumel

4) From: Bob Sanders
As I use mine only on the weekends, The night before, I flip on
the power long enough for the pump to run and fill the boiler.
Tha main reason is when I wonder by at 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning,
I don't need the noise.  But I've not had a vapor lock problem.

5) From: Jason Molinari
I got mine at home depot. It was rated as an appliance timer, for 1500W, it is programmable with 15 on/offs each day independantly..it was about $15. Good stuff. If you need the acutaly brand let me know and i'll get it.

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