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Topic: alt.coffee question (7 msgs / 125 lines)
1) From: Jason Brooks
Greetings all,
    I am lurking out on alt.coffee via dp-news.maxwell.syr.edu.  I 
receive them all fine, but am unable to post.  My local ISP doesn't have 
a NNTP server of their own.  What servers do you alties use to post to 
Jason Brooks
Hanging Out in the Heart of VA,
With HW Gourmet, Poppery, and soon arriving BBQ roasters,
With Bodum Chambord and Krups Gusto brewers,
Drinking good coffee with anyone that arrives!

2) From: Johnny Kent
At 09:56 PM 2/17/2004 -0500, Jason Brooks wrote:
My ISP does have NNTP server so I use that but you can use google groups to
go tohttp://groups.google.comor click the 'groups' link in the google
home page
and then type in alt.coffee in the search.
When alt.coffee comes up in google groups there is a link on the right
towards the top that reads
"Post a new message to alt.coffee"
I haven'y actually tried this but I'm pretty sure it will work... ;^D
Although I did notice some snide remark about using google to post there
one time....
Happy posting,

3) From: Ken Mary
I suggest that you call around for a new ISP that will give you an 
*outsourced* news service. Outsourcing gives you a "connection" to a major
newsprovider, like Giganews or Supernews, rather than a local server at the
ISP. Local servers are usually severely limited to only a few thousand
groups and retention times of less than one week.
An alternative is a free news server, but these are often limited to
non-binary groups. Check out alt.free.newsservers.

4) From: Angelo
I have Verizon (dsl) as a provider and I find it to have an excellent news 
server. In fact, I've noticed that many of those signed up with the paid 
news servers are often complaining about missing parts, while I sit there 
with the complete post already downloaded and burned......

5) From: Rich Adams
I think it displays your email addy in the post.
Rich Adams

6) From: Ron Kyle
when I signed up on Alt.coffee, I just went tohttp://google.com and clicked on groups at the top of the page and when the
new page came up I typed in alt.coffee
and bingo up it came. I signed up  to be able to post.
when I want to go to alt. coffee I still go thru goggle/groups

7) From: Greg Scace
Google groups is the easy and lazy way.
At 09:56 PM 2/17/2004 -0500, you wrote:

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