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Topic: coffee and triglycerides (5 msgs / 144 lines)
1) From: David Iverson
While we're talking about coffee and health, how are
your triglyceride cholesterol levels?  I've been
reading that drinking unfiltered coffee (e.g., french
press) and especially espresso can lead to higher
triglycerides.  My last blood test did show an
increase.  Anyone else notice anything like this?
Apparently coffee contains fats that contribute to
triglyceride blood levels, but filters supposedly
remove those fats.  Any thoughts?
-Dave I.
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2) From: Dave Huddle
An article in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2003), 57(9),
1164-1168 indicates that ...
"Coffee abstention for 3 wk decreased total serum cholesterol by
0.22-0.36 mmol/l.   A vol. of 600 mL (about 4 cups) of filtered
coffee/day during 4 wk raised total serum cholesterol by 0.15-0.25
Yep, FILTERED coffee!
Dave H.  Westerville, OH 

3) From: john roberts
The abstract that I read (PMID: 11522552) showed a reduction in serum
cholesterol from abstaining vs. drinking even filtered coffee.
However health issues surrounding coffee are far more complex. These same
dipertenes associated with increasing cholesterol, are shown to be chemo
protective against some cancers. Another recent study showed that caffeine
was beneficial to insulin activity and reduced risk of diabetes.
So I've you're worried about heart disease, might be an issue, OTOH if your
concerned about cancer or diabetes, drink up.... :-)
Of course it's not that simple. Judging from the recipes I read posted to
this list, coffee isn't close to the worst thing being consumed around here.

4) From: Dave Huddle
On the other hand,  I saw an article a couple of years old  with the
title "Three coffees a day keeps dementia at bay"
(My family and co-workers may suggest that I haven't been drinking
Also, a quick search of a rather large chemical information database
retrieved two articles indicating that a component of coffee
"promotes...neurite outgrowth activity"
Dave H.  Westerville, OH

5) From: HeatGunRoast
In my case, coffee effects pale in comparison to other diet factors, and I'd
recommend that anyone concerned about blood chemistry pay attention to overall diet.
 Only then, if problems persist, worry about putting paper between yourself and all
the yummy coffee stuff you might eliminate with a filter. 
In the year that I've been roasting my own, I've increased coffee consumption to 3
regular and 2+ decaf doubles a day (85 unfiltered grams/day). Also cut way down on
refined carbs and sugar.  Cholesterol and triglycerides way, way down.  Lost a bunch
of weight. 
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