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1) From: Doug Cadmus
It does, and you are. ;)
It's great both as a zippy straight origin, and it adds a brilliant high
note to blends. I've tried it with both Tom's Sumatra Mandheling and Ugandan
Bugisu as a base. The Sumatran is earthy and mellow, and the Bugisu adds its
own tang in the middle of the cup and lots of body. In fact, that's what I'm
drinking even as I write.
While Tom recommends City to Full City for a roast profile, after some
experiments my preferences lean toward City. Even at the onset of second
crack the Yauco Selecto takes on a particularly toasty flavor that, while it
doesn't overwhelm, I think it takes something away from the cup. I prefer a
more structured low note (and the added body), which is why I blended.
Happy roasting!
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2) From: Les and Becky
Dear Listmates,
Thank you for the advice on the Yauco Selecto.  I will be roasting a few
minutes after writing this!  And yes, it is true you only hear from Les
because I am the coffee nut in this house.  When I met my wife, Becky she
didn't drink coffee, and she grew up in a home that frond on people who did.
When we dated, I would go up to her grandmothers for a cup of coffee!  In
fact her grandmother said to her, "Did you know your honey drinks coffee!"
Having grown up in Minnesota, we often referred to coffee as Swedish Plasma.
By the way, I order the 4 pack for the first time, and am pleased that two
of the coffees that I am curious about were included.  Letting Tom and Maria
pick is part of the fun!
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3) From: Monty Harris
At 12:42 PM 2/20/01 -0800, you wrote:
I'm trying to remember if it was our Swedish or Finnish friends in the
midwest that use to boil the grounds in the water and then crack an egg
into it to encapsulate the grounds.  I was a kid, my Dad said it was great
coffee but then he was raised in the depression and lard on bread was a
great meal.
I enjoy the chatter here and will have some of my own questions soon.
Having dabbled in roasting for a standard pot-o-joe I'm now advancing into
espresso.  The brewer and four different coffees are on the way.
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4) From: Tom & Maria
I think this Yauco Selecto is really one of the best island coffees I have
had in a while. Its what a really really good Jamaican would taste like.
Frankly, I have never had a lot of Blue Mountain as good as this, and thye
are comparable in terms of general cup profile. Its one reason we probably
will not stock JBM again, I simply feel like I am part of some big scam by
carrying it, even when I thought I had found the best lot I could find. The
price (we had to ask about $23-24 per lb) is basically an insult to the
rest of the coffee origins that out perform it in the cup and get pennies
on the lb for their coffee. JBM is overplanted and theres just no
justification for its price. The 2 farms that form Yauco Selecto in
contrast are fairly small, the processing is very high quality including a
final polishing, and this is all done while paying fair US wages to the
employees, so really the cost is justified. And then in terms of the cup
quality it is also justified. That said, we did not stock Yauco the last 2
years due to lower cup quality... but this year it seems to be back where
it was in the stellar 96/97 season.
                  "Great coffee comes from tiny roasters"
           Sweet Maria's Home Coffee Roasting  -  Tom & Maria
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5) From: Les and Becky
To my listmates,
Well, I roasted up my typical 3 batchs of Yauco Selecto in my Precision
yesterday, and it was a treat to watch it roast so evenly.  I wish I would
have reread all of the tips however.  Tom said it roasts a little slower
than other coffees.  I ended up with my first two roasts being a little
lighter than I wanted.  The third roast was just right.  I continued with my
normal practice and mixed all three together.  I like lighter roasts anyway,
so it didn't bother me that it ended up lighter.  Well, this morning I could
hardly wait, and I brewed up my usual pot of coffee!  Having switched to a
vacuum pot for most of my brewing, I no longer get the wonderful aroma of
the coffee brewing.  (Tomarrow I am going to use the French Press)  I was
shocked when I took my first sip!  The flavor was super!  I really like
island coffees.  Like Tom, I have given up on Jamacian Blue Mountian.  When
I first started homeroasting 15 years ago, I was able to get some great Blue
Mountian.  In fact, this Yauco Selecto tasted better that the JBM that I
used to get!  I havn't bought any Kona from Tom, so I can't compare his with
the others I have had.  They don't rate with the Yauco.  If Tom thinks the
St. Helena is tops, I can hardly wait (Actually I have been waiting for
about 3 months) to give it a try.  Next week, I am going to roast up a batch
of Dominican Montana Verde.
Who knows, maybe I will like a $4.80 coffee as much as one that is twice as
much!  The Yauco Selecto reminded me a little of the Indian-Pearl Mountian
Estate.  I might have to order more that next time too!
Does anyone one out their have some good half-caf blends they would like to
pass around.  Now that I am over 45, I don't like to drink full caf after
about 3 or 4 in the afternoon.
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6) From: Ken Mary
Being over 45 should have no bearing on caffeine tolerance, assuming no 
stomach or heartburn problems. If you have recently increased your coffee
consumption, your body must adapt to the new level of caffeine. It may take
a few weeks or a few months, however. It helps to keep your intake fairly
I really enjoy my after dinner coffee, and have no sleep problems. However,
I did recently reduce my coffee by substituting tea or fruit/vegetable juice
at lunchtime for health maintenance reasons. Coffee is not unhealthy, but I
wanted a wider spectrum of antioxidant intake.
Ken Mary - Aromaroast, Popper - whirlyblade - decanter
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