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1) From: Rick Farris
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You better practice, practice, practice, Alfred, because you're going to
be busier than a one-armed paper hanger.  Six couples, 14 people
including yourselves.  Try an experiment and see just how quickly you
can whip out 14 lattes.  I'm betting you can't do it in a half-hour.
Probably barely finish in an hour. 
And be prepared to find out that most people will hate straight espresso
and will discretely dump it out when you're not looking.  Even the
people you make milk drinks for will probably take one sip and then load
it up with sugar.
I tried it a couple of times and finally decided that making my espresso
machine be the centerpiece of my dinner parties, brunches, etc, wasn't
for me.  Before I got the SL 5000, I would make a pot of Kona (and not
my best Kona, mind you) and if someone noticed the Livia and asked me
nicely I would make them an espresso drink.  Mostly though, I
concentrated on the homeroasting aspect of my hobby.
-- Rick

2) From: john Abbott
If you are making 14 lattes (shudder) wouldn't it be easier to just pull
back to back shots into a container, pout the right amount into each
cup, froth milk at a double rate and distribute?  I think you could pull
that off in 10 minutes.  Of course its A LOT easier with the SM5K - one
of the reasons I bought it.
Linux, more than an OS - its a lifestyle.
On Mon, 2004-03-08 at 19:31, Rick Farris wrote:

3) From: Rick Farris
I couldn't, although I might have been able to with practice.  It's a
good idea.
-- Rick

4) From: alfred
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MessageI'm glad I got this advice before I tried it. When you get all =
fired up about something, you are eager to share it.
Brewing up the big pot from a home roast sounds like a good start. Then, =
if they notice the Giotto in the kitchen (it's pretty hard to miss) and =
ask for a sample consider the request.

5) From: Peter Barnes
Well, I for one went through 1.5 pounds of coffee making espressos at a 
party on Friday night, and I regretted not one ounce of it.  The only 
people who tried the espresso like coffee, and EVERYONE who had one was 
blown away.  I really couldn't take any of the credit (besides spending 
lots of money), but I really enjoyed myself, and enjoyed putting Francis 
through her paces.  Just do whatever comes natural to you. 
alfred wrote:

6) From: Rick Farris
I couldn't do it.  I'd be making a coffee drink and trying to talk to my
guests at the same time and realize that I'd been standing there for
five minutes without making progress.  That's why I was serious when I
suggested alfred try making 12 or 14 drinks in a row under the best of
circumstances, without any guests around.  That will tell him exactly
what chance he has of doing it with constant distractions.  Perhaps he
is like you and won't have any trouble.
-- Rick
P.S. Everyone who tried my espresso *said* they loved it, too.  It was
later, when I found espresso in the plants, cups full of espresso hidden
behind kitchen appliances, etc that I realized something was wrong. :-)
Of course, it was probably pretty skanky espresso as rushed as I was.

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