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Topic: 3" glass cylinders (8 msgs / 158 lines)
1) From: Rich Adams
Chim308  3" fitter x 8" height round cylinder chimney
Chim310  3" fitter x 10" height round cylinder chimney
Just surfin...
Rich Adams

2) From: peter zulkowski
Hi Rich,
Thank you very much for posting this link.
Now I have a whole new path to go down to find bigger and better chimneys.
Recently I went to Walmart to get a chimney and they were out :(
All they had were oil lamps, with chimneys. On special, two lamps for 
eight bucks, with nice chimneys. However, there was no selection as to 
size. WBPI works real well with a lamp chimney, and it is good to learn 
where to get more as they inevitably break.
Thanks for sharing,
Still plowing through email, here in LHC
Rich Adams wrote:

3) From: Johnny Kent
Hi peter,
have you tried Michael's?
At 12:38 PM 3/12/2004 -0700, you wrote:
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4) From: Jason Brooks
OK.  Peter, I guess this one's probably for you.  I've currently 
extended my champer on my WBP1 with a tin can.  But, you can't see very 
well.  To get it to 'lock in', I filed a notch in it to fit the small 
spine that rises in the back of the WBP1.  How do you get the glass 
chimney's to seat?
Johnny Kent wrote:
Jason Brooks
Hanging Out in the Heart of VA,
With HW Gourmet, Poppery, and soon arriving BBQ roasters,
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Drinking good coffee with anyone that arrives!

5) From: bob
Our local Hobby Lobby also had several flavors of chimneys available

6) From: Rich Adams
By removing the black plastic (bakelite) roasting chamber and inserting the
chimney right into the metal base.  It even has a groove cut for it.
Rich Adams

7) From: peter zulkowski
Hi Jason,
Ben told me the fix. High Temp RTV.
Walmart has it in their automotive section. It is called hi temp gasket 
sealer. The only thing there marked hi temp.
The stuff I got is red and cost less than three bucks for a tube. I just 
put it on the outside of the glass and seated it in the chamber. After 
an hour or so I removed it and let it finish curing. This way the 
chimney goes in snug, but you can still remove it to clean it.
Something about the shape of the chimney makes the roaster work better 
than a can.
Hope this helps,
Enjoying the sunny weather, here in LHC.
Jason Brooks wrote:

8) From: peter zulkowski
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Thanks for the replies to my post.
Unfortunately, Lake Havasu City is kinda in a remote area. We have 
Walmart, K-mart, ace hardware and Home depot. Not much of a hardware 
selection. To really go shopping we need to go to either Las Vegas or 
Phoenix and plan on spending a day. Usually I purchase things off the 
net, unless I luck out in thrift stores :)
Feeling like a hermit, here in LHC.

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