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Topic: My New Silvia (5 msgs / 117 lines)
1) From: MMore
I finally pulled the trigger and, based on months of reading this list, have 
decided to upgrade from my Solis SL-70 to the Rancilio Silvia.  I ordered it 
yesterday...I can't wait!!!!  Any advice from the "group" about idiosyncracies 
of this fine piece of machinery?
Looking forward to my first God shot,
Michael A. Roaster of Vienna, Va.

2) From: Greg Scace
Hey there.
Glad to see that you are local to me.  I'm in Gaithersburg, MD.  Lessee - 
Silvia isn't that hard to use.  I recommend that you use the LaMarzocco 
double basket (the ridged one).  I'm not a big fan of the Rancilio double 
basket.  The Silvia ships with the commercial portafilter now, which is a 
really nice portafilter.  The tamper that ships with Silvia is a piece of 
crap.  You'll need a 58mm tamper.  I like the Espresso Parts NW convex Lava 
Tamp, but ymmv.  Otherwise you should be all set if you have a decent 
grinder.  Silvia has a lot of brass in it.  Let it warm up for half an hour 
or perform Mark Prince's Silvia Cheat (search google for it).
WRT coffee, use something that you are comfortable and experienced with as 
a starter so that you know what the end result ought to be.
I know that a lot has been written on temperature surfing and PID 
etc.  None of it is necessary to get good shots from Silvia, although you 
may want to investigate such things in the future after you become familiar 
with the machine.  There's a lot of info on the Web.
At 10:57 AM 3/16/2004 -0500, you wrote:

3) From: DVTO2
This site has tremendous information on Sylvia:http://www.quiknet.com/~frcn/Coffee/Coffee.htmlIn a message dated 3/16/2004 10:57:32 AM Eastern Standard 
Time, MMore writes:

4) From: Bill Doman
Absolutely the BEST source of information on the Silvia.  Plus, it's
just a great read.
My main advice, for what it's worth, is that practice makes, if not
perfect, pretty damn good.  I mostly drink Americanos so it's easy to
get a little sloppy with shot timings and grind adjustment and tamping
and still end up with a very drinkable concoction.  But then I
actually time and measure a few times and get everything dialed in
right and there's just a world of difference.  Drinking some straight
espressos on a fairly regular basis also is important for
me--relatively minor variations (from the above "getting sloppy") that
might go, if not unnoticed at least ignored, in an Americano or
certainly in a drink containing milk, really express themselves
clearly with the pure nectar.
I've also found that, for the Americanos, roasting significantly
lighter (not much past Full City+) works for me--YMMV.  Most of all,
enjoy your new machine!

5) From: miKe mcKoffee
Belated congrats!

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