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Topic: Newbie looking for vacuum brewer (5 msgs / 121 lines)
1) From: Ken Merrell
Hello everyone,
I'm a newbie roaster for about 2 months now and I can't believe how totally 
hooked I am.  I'm getting fantastic results and already have a collection 
of 4 air poppers (2 Poppery II, 1 WearEver Pumper, and 1 Poppery).
I use a French Press but I want to get a vacuum brewer. I have searched 
online and find a lot about the Hario, Cona, etc. but I can't seem to find 
a good recommendation leaning one way or another.
My question is, what do most of you use and what makes it best?
Thanks for all I learn here!!!!

2) From: John Abbott
Ken Merrell wrote:
Ken, at the rate you're collecting hardware you will be a voting member 
of the CSA in no time. I'd say welcome to the slippery slope, but I 
think its too late. So now starts the stash build up and then comes some 
insane roasting methods.
That's not a simple question. There are big differences in price and 
convinence. The Royal is probably the top of the line for vac brewers, 
followed very closely by the Cona. The Hario would come in a distant 
third but still in the range of "excellent brew." They seem to flow in 
reverse order for ease of use however. I picked the Cona based on 
reading off the list, then on Tom's really great review. The Cona-D is a 
gorgeous machine to watch and the final product is always a treat.
If you get a Cona make sure you've got a good grinder. The grind is 
important to the success of the brewing cycle. Also you might want to 
think about a good electric kettle to preheat the water for any Vacuum 
that can't sit on the stove. It speeds the cycle considerably.
John - drinking a Papa New Guinea Bunum from my Cona and its a love 
affair starting!

3) From: prentice
Personally, I use an *ancient* Silex narrow-neck with a Cory rod.  Use the
original Silex base for heat source.
Gets great results every time, but it's not the easiest thing in the world to
clean.  Can find them sometimes at thrift stores, or regularly on Ebay.
The old Cory pots are great, too.
Quoting Ken Merrell :
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4) From: miKe mcKoffee

5) From: Angelo
I have a Yama, and I'm happy with it.
If you brew a lot at a time, I would suggest the Black& Decker Infuze - a 
Bodum eSantos clone. It is much easier to clean than the Bodum, due to it's 
larger neck. It brews 50oz and can still be found at Odd Job for $30 vs. 
$80 for the Bodum.
If you do get a brewer that needs an alcohol lamp(ie. Hario, Cona, etc.), I 
would suggest that you also get a butane burner to go with it. Lee Valley 
has one for about $22 vs. $45 from Hario

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