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Topic: A little blending fun... (5 msgs / 129 lines)
1) From: Ron L
Hi gang...  I'd like your help in creating a fun blend for an upcoming
vacation.  Every other year, my family gets together with my wife's sister
and brother and their families and we rent a houseboat on Lake Cumberland,
Kentucky.  We always bring along things that have a boat or vacation theme;
movies (like Overboard, Captain Ron (me!), National Lampoon Vacation series,
etc.), music (one year I brought the Gilligan's Island theme and played it
as we pulled out from the dock on the first day), etc.  Since I'm now home
roasting, I want to bring a "Houseboat Blend" for everyone to enjoy, but I'm
not experienced enough to know where to start!
I've thought about creating a blend of island coffees, since that's about as
close as I have come up with to a boat theme. Any suggestions for blends
using island coffees that I can try?  Most of the adults on the boat are
coffee drinkers, but they probably drink commercially roasted coffees
(except my wife, who is now drinking home roasted Columbian Mesa Del Los
As an alternative to a blend, I could also just bring along a different
island coffee for each day...
Captain Ron (Yeah Boss!)

2) From: miKe mcKoffee
Ahoy! Sounds like fun. Of course, now there's currently this silly TV theme
song stuck going through my head, something about a 3 hour tour etc...
Personally I'd stay away from blending the Island coffees. Think you're more
on the right track with an Island coffee tour. I'd include the Panama canal
in the tour too BTW, PRYS most excellent as Les earlier pointed out. Of
course Island coffees Kona, ISH and JBM come immediately to mind too. That
would be five excellent and each distinctly different coffee profiles.
(I had two of them today, ISH and Kona:-)
Don't know how long you're going for etc. If more than a week or so you may
wish to plan on roasting on the trip too. Or sealing airtight (vac if
possible) and freezing some for later in the vacation. My experience with
freezing roasts is to remove only what you'll be immediately grinding and
re-vacuum sealing and getting back in the freezer while waiting for the
frozen beans to warm up to room temp for grinding...
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
taking a break from the worst part of cooking, I'm on KP duty!
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3) From: miKe mcKoffee
I know, replying to self. Including the Panama canal followed by mentioning
PRYS didn't make sense. I meant a good Panama in addition to Puerto Rican
Yauco Selecto as one of the Island coffees... sounded like PRYS from Panama.
Should re-read before sending!

4) From: Ron Kyle
Ron this sounds like the thing to do. Have a great vacation.

5) From: Ron L
It's OK to reply to yourself... Just don't reply to the reply... 
So far, it sounds like an island tour is the way to go...  We're only on the
boat for four mornings, so it won't be hard to pick out four coffees.  I can
roast them a day or so before we leave, and they should be rested and ready
to go when we get there!

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