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1) From: Cerberus AOD
Not revolution, but evolution. Being able to make fresh, excellent coffee
for an entire week on an hour or two (assuming 2 or 3 12-cup pots a day,
which is normal here), and still being cheaper than the millstone crap, is
likely quite appealing to many people. But many of them still have _no_clue_
that they can roast at home, much less with as little equipment as their
shelved (I'd hope...I wouldn't want popcorn out of it) air popcorn poppers.
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2) From: Kathleen Tinkel
I don't suppose a revolution, but I was just saw the Alp featured in 
a program from the floor of the 2001 Housewares show in Chicago. (It 
was on HGTV at 5 p.m. EST on March 3, and may be repeated.) There's 
also a special presentation on the Web  that is 
supposed to have more information on the featured products.
The Alp's segment was brief (though longer than some products got), 
but long enough to show  the machine at rest and with beans swishing 
back and forth in the drum. It was shown by Swissmar rep Anthony 
Lemme, whose name I think has been mentioned here as the real maven 
on the machine. The price is now $350, btw.
The announcer had the good sense to ask where users could get green 
coffee, but I'm sure Tom will be disappointed (if not downright 
annoyed) that Lemme suggested only checking 'upscale supermarkets' or 
buying direct from Swissmar. Not sure about the rest of you, but I 
live in an 'upscale town,' full of 'upscale markets,' and nary a one 
has green coffee beans. I thought it
Other coffee stuff included some retro-modernist Bodum coffee pot 
named after (but not designed by, I bet) the late Eileen Grey, the 
Krups AromaControl thermal drip coffeemaker, and a bizarre set of 
tableware with coffeebeans rattling around inside the clear plastic 
The weirdest thing I saw before abandoning the show in favor of the 
weather report was a "wine aging unit" -- a special metal dish (about 
half an inch tall and just larger than the base of a bottle of wine) 
and a small metal doodad that rests on the cap of the bottle. Said to 
function via magnetism, and costing a cool $50, the unit is supposed 
to add apparent years to the wine within one hour. The interviewer 
said this was sure to be a hit with wine aficionados. Oy.
Now I'll go back to checking the progress of this big nor'easter 
that's supposedly coming, and getting ready to make a nice big pot of 
spaghetti carbonara. . . But did want to warn everyone that now the 
hordes will undoubtedly be taking up home roasting. Hope Tom bought a 
lot of Alps and tons of green.
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3) From: Angelo

4) From: aryaniam
I welcome more Alp users myself.  I love mine.  Made 5 lbs. of fresh beans
today in it and it was wonderful.  Ah, the smell of Colombian Bucaramanga
stopped right after 1st crack is so aromatic.  Besides, more Alp users means
more ideas on how to make it better.

5) From: Cerberus AOD
hhhhmmmm...coffee flavored popcorn...LOL!
I was referring to the styrofoam, no-taste popcorn, though (I like my
popcorn fatty, with plenty garlic, oregano and butter...haven't used my
whirly-pop to cook coffee...yet anyways :) )
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6) From: lisab_guppy
Kathleen Tinkel  wrote:
Same here in Chicagoland.  I may be being uncharitable, but I thought 
Lemme gave a perversely UN-helpful answer to that question.  He 
didn't even suggest peoples' local roasteries, which would be 
applicable to a lot of metropolitan areas. 
I guess I am curious about that one.  Notice they made no mention of 
*how* magnetism was supposed to accomplish this miracle.
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