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1) From: Jerry Ainsworth
I keep reading comments about Alt.coffee but can't get on the website. Any
advice would be appreciated.
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2) From: Jon
alt.coffee is a usnet newsgroup.

3) From: gperry
Alt.coffee is a usenet newsgroup that you would have to access 
through the newsgroup feed of your ISP. You can also read 
newsgroups through www.deja.com and a few other places, but it's 
more clumsy that way, in my opinion. Also, the deja.com site was 
sold recently and it isn't working all that well at the moment or at 
least not as well as it did. Still if you try deja.com, you should get 
a feel for what alt.coffee is like. It gets about 150 messages a day 
and is pretty lively and informative. I check in there nearly every 
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4) From: Thom Mackris
Below is a snip from an e-mail I recently sent a friend.
Note that www.deja.com now routes you tohttp://groups.google.com---------------------
Not having the time to be subscribed to any Usenet groups at the moment, I
have been using Deja News whenever I had to research something.  Google
recently bought Deja & the searches are much quicker.  The advanced search:
   http://groups.google.com/advanced_group_search(formerly known as power search under Deja) is lightning fast & puts out an
entire  thread onto one (or a series of) page(s).  You no longer have to
up and down the list to view each post individually.  It's much quicker,
especially if you're using a dial-up line.  The disadvange of course is that
you can't see the poster's name at a glance when the hierarchy of posts
displayed.  It's still under construction, so if you believe Google's
disclaimers, it will get more full-featured.

5) From: Leslie Smith
Speaking of reading alt.coffee, is there a web-based newsreader out there 
other than Google?
  - Leslie
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6) From: Jim Schulman
I know Opera and Mozilla have built in 
newsreaders, I'm sure some other browsers have 
them too. However, you have to give them a news 
server and newsgroup address, either you isp's or 
one of the freebies.
I don't know anyone other than Google who's 
archiving newsgroups
On 13 Dec 2002 at 7:57, Leslie Smith wrote:
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7) From: Seth Goodman
At 07:57 AM 12/13/02 -0500, Leslie Smith wrote:
Although only google archives news posts permanently, there are many web 
based newsreaders.
Here's google's directory page for them:
Note that many, but not all, of these are pay services.
Seth Goodman
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8) From: Leslie Smith
Thanks for pointing me in this direction, Seth.  I am checking out 
NewsOne.Net, gleaned from the google directory page, it is is both free and 
reasonably functional.  I am happy.
   - Leslie
At 12:42 PM 12/13/02 -0500, you wrote:
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9) From: Mark Prince
At 04:57 AM 13/12/2002, you wrote:
At one point in CoffeeGeek's design evolution, we toyed with creating a 
web-based interface exclusively for alt.coffee. Since we have our own 
dedicated server and box and direct "pipe" to the net, it would have been a 
BUT... because there was, ah, resistance in alt.coffee when I launched CG 
Forums, I nixed the idea entirely for fear of upsetting a few folks.
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10) From: Bruce Harlick
Heh. "Resistance" is a kind way of putting it, Mark. Personally, I enjoy
BOTh the CG boards and alt.coffee, though I don't have as much time as I
did to monitor the two of them. Given my druthers, I keep an eye on the
CG boards, as they are easier to watch...
Bruce Harlick
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