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1) From: Michael Allen Smith
I have the Utopia and the Bodum.  The Utopia is very simple to clean and
I've never had a failed brew with it.  As for fragile, I shipped it as
airline luggage (jn the original box) from across country  and back and even
the airline ramp rats couldn't break it.  The Utopia is a fine piece of
brewing equipment.  My only dig is that it is a little pricey.
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2) From: Robert Cantor
Besides all that, the utopia is huge!  I rarely use my vac pot even though
it produces the best coffee because it only makes 1 1/2 cup (20 oz).  I'd
have to make 3 pots, cleaning between to serve 4 people a small cup.  If I
could afford one, I'd get the utopia in a heartbeat.
Bob C.

3) From: t
Ok, so it makes good coffee...
It looks fragile (with all those plastic pieces) and it looks hard to
clean. I would suspect my chief issue with it is... It's ugly as sin!
*L*. I am use to the clean lines of the Hario pots (even if they are a
bit small) and the balanced look of the Cory, Silex and Bodum pots in my
So the question becomes... when does operational design overcome the
'ugly' factor (think Edsel here)?
tim o'brien
P.S. How much bigger is it than the Bodum?
Robert Cantor wrote:
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4) From: coffenut
You peaked my interest, so I went over to the SB's site and they even have a
short video of how the product works.  The video was pretty interesting,
especially when the water is mixing with the grounds.  Kind of reminded me
of our washing machine on high agitate.  I like the way they've designed it
(electric), and maybe it's my love for coffee related products, but I think
it has good looks.  If it truly turns out a better cup than my Braun drip
machine, I'll have to watch for a sale.  Since I've never had coffee using
this method, what about sediment?  Do you get sediment from a machine like
this similar to what I'd see if I use a gold filter on my drip machine?
Coffenut  :^)
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5) From: Michael Allen Smith
None.  It's as clean as drip with (almost) the richness of the french press.
Personally, I find even gold filter drip to be rather tasteless, the vac pot
has a richer flavor.http://www.ineedcoffee.com/00/10/utopia/ (another Utopia link)
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6) From: coffenut
Very useful link MAS!  I've bookmarked it for future reference if I buy the
Utopia.  I especially liked the 3-part "how to use the first time info".
Coffenut  :^)
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7) From: Ron Dutcher
Along with my Hario and old Silex vac pots, I like and enjoy my Starbucks
Utopia. It may look fragile but I find it is not. It may look hard to clean
but I find it not so. I simply put a tablespoon of sodium bicarb along with
hot water into carafe and swish it about with a long-handled cotton dish mop
(reserved for this), and dump this solution into the upper container, swish
about,and rinse both. Done. I like the look of the "Bodum" influence on its
design. This is of course relevant only as a matter of taste, and therefore
not an issue for me. Best of all I find the coffee absolutely superb.
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8) From: Alex McGregor
As Ron has mentioned the Utopia is fairly easy to clean.
I achieve the best results from the Utopia when I use 40 to 50 ounces of
water. Less water and it seems to under extract. (with less water the brew
cycle is shorter)
Has anyone else noticed this?  Maybe a finer grind would help although the
user manual recommends a drip grind?

9) From: Michael Allen Smith
My low sweet spot is 32 oz., for which I still use a drip grind.  If I'm
making any less coffee, then I'll grab the french press.
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10) From: coffenut
For those of you who own the Utopia and possibly have the Solis177 grinder,
what grind setting have you found to be optimal?  Thanks.
Coffenut  :^)
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11) From: Margaret Marks
Someone on alt.coffee said that if you have smaller quantities of water, the
coffee may be brewed too long or a second time, which is something I
noticed. I usually set it for 6 so-called cups. But this person's suggestion
was that if you put less than that in, you should tilt the base slightly
more, in the same direction it is already tilted. So under the very bottom
of the base, beneath the handle, I slid a plastic lid or a ruler or
something fairly flat like that, and the results were better.

12) From: Robert Cantor
May I also suggest the ultra stylish one-up (tm) roaster - to be released
real soon now.  It roasts one bean at a time for the ultimate in control and
style.  The archives have the complete details.
Bob C.

13) From: coffenut
Yeah, isn't that the new Popeil "personal pocket roaster"?  Allows you to
roast a bean anywhere-anytime, grind it between your teeth, and sip hot
water for that brew-in-your-mouth experience.
Coffenut  :^)
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14) From: Monty Harris
Super Extraction! A process where a perfectly roasted bean contains enough
flavor for a whole pot of coffee.  It's sort of like a Super Conductor.
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15) From: Thom Underwood
It's about time we found some humor here.
Regards - Thom

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