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Topic: new sale page! (8 msgs / 208 lines)
1) From: Tom & Maria
Hi  - just thought  I would let you folks know first that I just 
posted a sale page of items here - http://sweetmarias.com/prod.sale-items.shtmlThere are some slightly 
used and demo items. A number of roasters and some mills.  So have a 
look! Best - Maria
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2) From: John Blumel
On Apr 8, 2004, at 4:10pm, Tom & Maria wrote:
It looks like they still have a few of the Ball widemouth 1 quart jars 
available. For anyone new to the list, this is a great chance for you 
to stock up on these. There is a limit of 2 cases per order.
John Blumel

3) From: Oaxaca Charlie
--- Tom & Maria  wrote:
 One has to be *really* quick to catch this stuff. The moment I
recieved the post I went to buy something--too late ;o(
Brick Oven Roasting in British Columbia
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4) From: Lowe, David
I lucked out on a Zaus 169D last year, even thought about it for a =
while. (Not more than I hour, if I recall.) 
Dave Lowe

5) From: miKe mcKoffee

6) From: Joseph A. Feliciani
Hi Mike,
If I remember right, on the sale page, Tom said he bought 100 cases!
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7) From: miKe mcKoffee
You're probably correct. I saw the posts saying everything new was already
gone so didn't visit the sales page this go round... Debi says I'd better be
getting off the 'puter, have a long drive tomorrow. And one of the secrets I
learned to staying happily married going on 24yrs is listening to what Debi
(some of the time anyway:-)

8) From: Joseph A. Feliciani
On vacation last summer, we spent a couple of days in Ft. Bragg. Had a great
time. There was a great breakfast place with a Wizard of Oz theme. I'm sure
you know about it. My wife, Margaret, said they had great coffee. They used
a local roaster.
Have a safe trip, Mike. I'm still working...probably another 30 min or so.
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