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1) From: alfred
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2) From: Lesley Albjerg
Those are good looking beans!  The proof is in the shot however!  Do you like the taste?   If yes, then don't sweat it!
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3) From: alfred
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Haven't tried them yet. They are sitting on top of my Westinghouse =
Why? They're " westing" of course.

4) From: Walter R. Basil
My new variety order came in this week. Included was the UGH! I  
posted pictures of it on my blog as well as pictures of how big the  
Honduras Pacamara is. These beans are huge. Go to my web site and  
click on Blog to see it. It's the current post for now. For later  
viewing, reference Beans, Beans, Magical Fruit...
Walter R Basil

5) From: Dan Kellgren
Wow - unbelievable that people would drink something that looks like that.
Thanks for the pics Walter (great web site too).
Dan K
On 9/22/06, Walter R. Basil  wrote:

6) From: Walter R. Basil
On Sat, 23 Sep 2006 09:16:25 , at 2:09 PM, Dan Kellgren"  
Yes. Even more unbelievable if I see it like that and use it. Now I'm  
scared to try it out! ;-) I probably will though... Just for the  
experience. It's not like eating a hissing cockroach to get to the  
front of the line though huh? See this if you have no clue about what  
I'm talking about:http://www.cnn.com/2006/US/09/21/eat.roach.ap/index.html--
Walter R Basil

7) From: Maria Penon
   I meant to say yesterday; nice web pages!   I'm getting more impressed
with the capability of the MAC and of course your talents.  We are near
neighbors.  I am in Mission TX.  We always stop in El Paso when driving to
the LA area to visit family. You are exactly half way!
On 9/23/06, Walter R. Basil  wrote:

8) From: Les
Hey Walter, just roast that UGH coffee and grind it, put it in a red can and
nobody will know the difference.  Maybe that is why they say the stuff that
has been open for almost 2 months tastes the same as a can they just
PS when I was at Sweet Marias, Tom told me his UGH was better than the
average Vietnam coffee that the big boys buy.
On 9/23/06, Walter R. Basil  wrote:

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