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Topic: 1952 Percolator (8 msgs / 182 lines)
1) From: Tom Ulmer
great find!
i am curious what kind of results you get from the old percolator. i have
been looking for an industrial look, old art-deco pot. i use a newer 12 cup
percolator (i am anti-drip) for the rush to get out of the house mornings
and would like to replace it with something more pleasing to the eye. i
think a spigot is a much better idea than an open spout and a lot of them
have brewing temperature control.

2) From: Ron Kyle
Tom I gave it first run trial this morning with just water.
It is a big pot and is a auto shut off. I was surprised that it ran for
17:30 a very long time. I plan to try it with coffee this afternoon . I will
actually measure the amount of water it holds.

3) From: Tom Ulmer
i am guessing that it is in the 15-20 cup range (depending on your cup
size). i believe baseline for most percs is about a minute a cup.

4) From: Ron Kyle
Well then that sounds about right. Thanks
I have a picture posted on my web site in the Photo section.
It looks like a bad spot on the front but it is not just a reflection on the
table. Scroll to bottom of page to viewhttp://rnk10.tripod.com/rkroastingdrums/id13.htmlRK

5) From: Tom Ulmer

6) From: Ron Kyle
Thanks Tom, the picture really doesn't due it justice.
The silver plating on the inside is worn off in several areas, since it is
brass with silver plating it should not pose a problem with the coffee, IMO,
which is limited in this area. As I recall some boilers in espresso machines
are brass. Opinions welcome

7) From: Pecan Jim Gundlach
      Remember that some brass has lead in it, today most of the leaded 
brass is stuff made for machining.   I have no idea how you would go 
about testing for lead but I would want to know before using it.  Might 
consider getting the inside re-plated.
      Jim Gundlach
On Apr 12, 2004, at 4:16 PM, Ron Kyle wrote:

8) From: Ron Kyle
Good Idea Jim thanks

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