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1) From: Gene Musco
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Does anybody have any roasting profiles on this baby?
I am new to roasting and have just been using the machines cycles.
Doing a Google search doesn't bring up anything.
Any help would be appreciated.
Silvia. Rocky. and now Alpenrost!!! Life is good!
Gene Musco

2) From: leslee berringer
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I signed up to receive mail from Sweet Maria's website which is how I =
happened upon your query.  
A great source of information is www.coffeegeek.com.  People discuss =
everything there is such great detail you will find answers to all your =
questions and then some.  You may even post your own questions and to be =
sure you will get answers from these nice and very experienced folks.
Personally, I have only read negative comments on the Alp.  And to add =
to your choice selection there is a new roaster coming out called the =
Hearthware I-Roast.  It should be out later this month.  SM website =
discusses this and so do other coffee sites.  
I am opting for this roaster because it is less than half what the =
Hottop  costs gives, I believe, greater flexibility in temperature in =
each of the three roast cycles, is supposed to be an improvement over =
the Precision, and I just feel it is the one to get, I say laughingly.
So hope this has helped in some way and good luck to you with your =
choice and your roasting!

3) From: leslee berringer
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Hi Gene again!
So sorry I did not realize that you have already purchased your Alp, as =
I re-read your email.  So the coffee geek people will fix you up with a =
variac or give you some roasting profile information.  Alternatively, if =
you are still under your 30 day money back period, perhaps you will opt =
for this.  Sorry I could not be of more help.  And good luck again!

4) From: Paul Goelz
At 12:32 PM 4/12/2004, you wrote:
I have used an Alp for about five or six years now and love it.  My first 
one developed a problem out of warranty and after some wrangling, Swissmar 
agreed to replace it because at the time they could/would not sell me the 
part needed to fix it.  Aside from that, I find it to be very reliable and 
repeatable from one roast to the next.
These days I roast 1/2 pound of CRLM per week.  I set it on 7 or 8 in the 
winter and 8 in the summer and it comes out exactly the same every 
time.  (I roast in the fireplace but the Alp is stored in a cold corner of 
the family room so in the winter the machine is significantly colder than 
in the summer when the roast begins.)  I am usually around during the roast 
but it is totally hands off from start to finish.
Paul Goelz
Rochester Hills MI USA

5) From: Dave Huddle
I've run about 204 roasts through my Alp.   If it died, I would replace
it with another Alp.  I roast in an unheated garage - roasting by sound
and smell.   My garage smell GREAT!
I've also used FR, Hearthware Gourmet & Precision, Z&D, 'wb', and some
But the ALP is my favorite.
I have to adjust the roasting time slightly depending on ambient
Roasting time is newspaper reading time for me.
Dave	Westerville, OH 

6) From: Gene Musco
I have been using the hands off approach also.
Looking to get more involved in the roasting process.
Do you roast for coffee extraction only?
Gene Musco

7) From: Paul Goelz
At 01:52 PM 4/12/2004, you wrote:
Basically yes.  I roast to suit my GF's taste, and that runs about city 
roast on the CRLM.  My tastes run a bit darker but city is fine.
When I have a taste for a latte, I use the same city roasted CRLM and it 
makes OK espresso.  Not as good as my local Starbucks (who make VERY good 
espresso when used in a latte, BTW) but OK.  I only have one good grinder 
(and I'm too lazy to empty/clean it to change from coffee to espresso) and 
I don't go through enough espresso to justify a second grinder or a 
separate roast.
Paul Goelz
Rochester Hills MI USA

8) From: Gene Musco
What are your set it and forget it settings?
Are you a coffee or espresso/capo roaster???
I ran about 10 roasts so far @ 10-12 settings.
10= Coffee and 12=Espresso
Always looking for suggestions!
Gene Musco

9) From: Michael Vanecek
Ditto. I love both of my Alps and have no complaints. Sure, there are 
better tools out there - but the Alp has treated me right so far over 
hundreds of roasts...
Dave Huddle wrote:

10) From: Dave Huddle
I DO NOT set & forget my Alp.  In fact, I don't even remember how long
any setting roasts.
My practice is to start a timer when I start the Alp, then listen for
the cracks & smell the smoke, stopping when things sound and smell
My crude roasting notebook includes ONLY the date, the # of roasts on
the machine, bean identity, ambient temp, and how long I roasted.  If I
screw up, stopping too soon or to late, I note that too.   Once in a
while, I might record the time at which 1st crack begins.
I have never used a thermometer or tried to change the roasting
My motto concerning homeroasted coffee is "If it tastes good, drink

11) From: MMore
I alternate between my Alp and the ever popular Hot air popper.  If I want a 
bit more control over the roast, albeit with smaller batches, I use the 
popper.  If I want to just "Plug and play", I go with the Alp.  I never use the 
presets, though, just go by sound and smell.  I have had a little trouble getting 
to a darker roast (full city ++) with the Alp, but since I prefer a city to 
full, it hasn't proven to be too much of a problem.
My two cents!
Michael A. Roaster of Vienna, Va.

12) From: Gene Musco
Looks like I'd better pick up the stopping on sound and smell!!!
"If it tastes good, drink it!" That nails it for me.
If I am not setting a ramp profile via variac, then ultimately if you =
a setting of 8 thru 16 with X coffee and the output is what you desire =
does not the machine setting act like the "timer"?
I am under the impression that the settings equal roast times of some
variable. I can better understand having no timer... all ears and smell =
kick in cooling cycle. That will take a few more roasts for this =
Gene Musco

13) From: Paul Goelz
At 01:56 PM 4/13/2004, you wrote:
Every once in a while I start a timer when I hear the first consistent 
crack (kinda hard to judge ojectively), and each time the Alp timer shuts 
things off at the 1.5 to 2 minute mark after that first crack when set to a 
setting of 8.  I have not used smell yet.  So far, that is good enough 
roast consistency for my taste.
Paul Goelz
Rochester Hills, MI

14) From: Elliott O'Reilly
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When I first started using the Alp, I had noticed Tom's words of warning =
not to leave the coffee roaster unattended but I did not pay attention.  =
I was consistently getting the roast I wanted on the 10 setting.   One =
day I left it unattended, then smelled something burning.  The beans =
were charred and something internal was fried.  Swissmar replaced the =
unit.  After a period I again got cocky, walked away and returned to =
fried beans and unit.  I really do not know who was at fault but Maria =
forwarded my email to Swissmar and again they replaced my Alp.  Now =
twice burned and thrice shy, I don't pay attention to the auto settings =
but roast by sound.  I use a count-up timer if I do happen to leave the =
room and return at the 11-12 minute mark to monitor the roast.  I have =
not had any problems since and get the roasts I want.  My daily drink is =
a blend of Sumatra, Mokha & Java.  The Sumatra & Java I roast in the =
Alp.  The Mokha I roast in a HWP that I've had since 2001.  I also roast =
by sight & sound with the HWP since it has occasionally shown a sudden =
change in its timing.  After some trial & error it has become easy for =
me to pick up the cues as to when the roast is where I want it manually.

15) From: Manoj Iyer
Also, I noticed that I get better roast if I did a batch of 100+gms. The 
roasts are even (mostly) specially with expresso blends.
Is there a diff in heat produced at setting 10 vs setting 8?? I thougt 
the settings were for the time it roasted.

16) From: John Cramer
I can no longer ignore this thread.
My best suggestion for an alpenrost is.....door stop.

17) From: miKe mcKoffee
Ah come on, wouldn't target practice be more fun! Or a contest to guess how
many pieces it'll explode into if dropped from, oh I don't know, maybe 10
stories high onto the street...
KKmKmcK (nothing against an Alp personally, never owned one, just thought a
door stop would be too boring:-)

18) From: leslee berringer
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So what is the love of your life, roaster wise, without the use of a =
grill, if any? Any comments on the soon to be out Hearthware I-Roast?

19) From: John Cramer
I've hobbled along with this  boat anchor for WAY
too long!!!! It takes 3 roasts to get to my preferred
roast. I had a 'hot' one, that burned to charcoal in
half a roast, then they traded me for one that worked
okay until the warrantee was over.
I'll have a Hottop real soon.
Then, some necessary adjustments will be made to my Alp
with an ax and a 5# sledge hammer.

20) From: Ron Kyle
Don't crush them, restore them. Send it to me John and I will repair it an
give it to someone that may want an Alps
Ron Kyle
I really did get a good laugh from your post and Mikes.
but really if you are going to trash it. I'll take it and pay the postage on

21) From: Gene Smith
Yeah, I was gonna say what Ron did.  Back in the psychedelic days when
tearing up your guitar as part of performance became the avant garde thing
to do, it always used to annoy the hell out of me.  I always wanted to yell
"Hey, there's guitar pickers out here who can't afford one of those
things...watching you destroy your Stratocaster isn't exactly getting me off

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