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Topic: [coffee] Re: +$3000 to roast 4oz! (8 msgs / 167 lines)
1) From: Rick Farris
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Do you think that red knob is the tryer?
-- Rick

2) From: Oaxaca Charlie
 No, I don't think so. The wooden knob looks more like a tryer
and is in the right place for one.
Brick Oven Roasting in British Columbia
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3) From: Ed Needham
Here's their reply to me:

4) From: Scott Jensen
A little hard to make sense of their messages!  But Primo is a good roaster,
I guess $3000 may not be to far out of line if your other option is a
Jabez-Burns sample roaster.  Maybe for a large roaster or an importer this
would be a perfect sample roaster.  Doesn't sound like these folks are with
Primo, must be a distributer.

5) From: Jeff Pitblado
I wonder how much their "Little Deuce" model goes for?http://www.primoroasting.com/roasters_home.html

6) From: jeff
I emailed Primo about their 2 pound model (which they've apparently 
discontinued) & the response was from someone named Dion, which is 
the same as the Ebay user ID.  The Ebay user is located in Santa Ana, 
which is where Primo is located.  I wonder if this is a pre-
production model.  The retail on the 4 oz model is $4700.

7) From: Rick Farris
Oh yeah, it is wood, isn't it?  That's the thing I was talking about,
not the red button on the side.  On my monitor the wood looks sort of
like a reddish machined thing.
-- Rick

8) From: leslee berringer
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Hi All, The $3000. ebay roaster sold already for $4200.   This is =
getting to be an expensive hobby!
Leslee Berringer

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