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1) From: Michael Guterman
I am enjoying an Americano of your roast.  It is delightful.  Thanks 
very much.

2) From: Ron Kyle
I'm glad you are enjoying it Michael.
You would lie about it would you?
I use it for blending and have not tried it as a single origin yet.

3) From: Michael Guterman
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Ron Kyle wrote:
No, I wouldn't lie; I just would have been silent.  Very chocolaty.  I 
usually blend with it, also.  I like your drum (I assume) roast.

4) From: Ron Kyle
I misspelled as usual I meant to say You wouldn't lie about it would you?
Yes it was roasted in on of my RK drums. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

5) From: Oaxaca Charlie
 So what was that tasty bean you roasted and gave away for the
tradition, Ron? I don't remember if you ever said...
--- Ron Kyle  wrote:
Brick Oven Roasting in British Columbia
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6) From: Ron Kyle
Hey Charlie this is the tradition I roasted and sent to Michael. I have not
tried it as a stand alone yet.
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