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Topic: the server doesn't like me (7 msgs / 112 lines)
1) From: Wandering John
Well I'm trying to post.  I was off the server for some reason. I put 
myself on no mail for a couple of weeks - couldn't log in to reverse 
it.  Then re-joined (subscribed) to the list and about 2pm PDT I started 
receiving mail again - but still can't see any of my posts.   
I finished the ITX motherboard implant on the Hottop and put it on its 
own web location. Display was hugely ugly (I am not a graph guy) but it 
could be programmed from any recognized computer on the LAN.  The 
roasting was totally programmable - but the results were IMnsHO weren't 
any better/different than the stock hottop.  I've restored the HT to 
stock and am now looking for something I can automate with the ITX board 
(speaks any language).
John - adding meaning daily to living large!

2) From: John Blumel
On Apr 26, 2004, at 9:28pm, Wandering John wrote:
There's a Mailman list setting that specifically determines whether you 
receive copies of posts you send to the list. Happy to see you back.
John Blumel

3) From: John Blumel
On Apr 26, 2004, at 10:05pm, John Blumel wrote:
That wasn't too clear. It's a user specific setting that you can toggle 
from your subscription options page.
John Blumel

4) From: David Lewis
Who cares what the server thinks? We're quite fond.
Glad you're well.
"Nature abhors a moron."
H.L. Mencken

5) From: Ben Treichel
Wandering John wrote:
I talked to the Pres of the Hottop @ the roaster lab and mentioned what 
you were doing and that you were one of the original 26 adapters. he got 
a puzzled look on his face and then said; "He's a hobbyist isn't he." 
Yeah, its great fun.
Ben Treichel
Program Manager
S.E Michigan
248-232-7365 (o)
248-935-6845 (m)

6) From: Dave Huddle
But _WE_ like you John!
Glad to see you back on the list.
Dave	Westerville, OH 

7) From: R.N.Kyle
Great to have you back on list John. A for your efforts on the Hot Top.

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