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1) From: Jeffrey Pawlan
Here is the second half:
Home Roast Coffee List by Region:  ver Apr. 26
"Peter Barnes" 		Jersey City, NJ
"Paul Rifkin" 		Mountainside, NJ
"James Savanella" 	Torrington, CT
"Michael Guterman" 	West Haven, CT
"Kathleen Tinkel"  Milford, CT
"John ?" 		?, CT
"Mike Eyre" 		Barkhamsted, CT
"Bob Yellin" 		Underhill, VT
"Bob Trancho" 			Manchester Center, VT
" ?  deCadmus" 		Waterbury, VT
"Mychael Morohovich" 	Pittsburgh, PA
"Michael Scott" 	Pittsburgh, PA
"Bill Roth" 		Mifflinburg, PA
"Ron Morrell" 	Beverly, MA
"Matthew Hodges" 	Cambridge, MA
"Tom Rauffenbart" 		New York City, NY
"Kevin Hayes" 		Buffalo, NY
Michigan, WI, & Minnesota:
"Barbara Greenspon" 		Minneapolis, MN
"Phil Dahlquist" 		St. Paul, MN
"Jared Andersson" 		Chanhassen, MN
"Jim Wildeson" 		Saint Cloud, MN
"Robert Foster" 		Iron Mountain, MI
"Sue Stevenson" 	Traverse City, MI
"Randy Roy" 		Saint Clair Shores, MI
"Dave Echelbarger" 		Marquette, MI
"Jeffrey Bertoia" 		Brighton, MI
"Ben Treichel" 		Waterford, MI
"Holly Hurd" 		Farmington Hills, MI
" ? "  		Plymouth, MI
"Ken Merrell" 		Green Bay, WI
"Chris Beck" 		West Bend, WI
Colorado, Utah, & WY
"Bob Grauberger" 	Parker, CO
"Scott Morrison" 	Salt Lake City, UT
"Jim and Tina Wheeler"  Skull Valley, UT
"Kevin Pompei" 		Salt Lake City, UT
"Ed Rasmussen" 			Laramie, WY
New Mexico & Arizona:
"Rick Farris" 		Sierra Vista, AZ
"Pam Chadwick" 		Phoenix, AZ
"Cy Lehrer" 			Tucson, AZ
"Brian Kamnetz" 		Las Vegas, NM
Washington & Oregon:
"Ruth and Phil Kohl" 	Port Townsend, WA
"Denise Brennan" 		Port Angeles, WA
"Mike McKoffee" 		Vancouver WA
"David Lowe" 		Maple Valley, WA
"Andy Thomas" 		Walla Walla, WA
"Dave Nielsen" 		Beaverton, OR
"Tom Murray" 		Sandy, OR
"Steve McKinney" 		Portland, OR
"Ginny Powell" 	Powell Butte, OR
"Alfred Schleunes" <2391>		Shady Cove, OR
"John Nanci" 		Yoncalla (nr Sutherlin), OR
"Rob Stewart" 		Sutherlin, OR
"Ky Azlein" 		McMinnville, OR
"Lesley Albjerg" 		Roseburg, OR
N. Calif:
"Jeffrey Pawlan" 		San Jose, CA
"Zara Haimo" 			Palo Alto, CA
"Steve Wilson"  San Jose, CA
"Arien Malec" 		Oakland, CA
"Cedrick Stanton"  Daly City, CA
"Mike Gallant" 		Campbell, CA
"Robin Kibby" 		Berkeley, CA
"David Lewis" 		Santa Cruz, CA
"John Kuta" 			Sebastopol, CA
"Don Serpliss" 	Auburn, CA
"Steve Willis" 		Oakland, CA
"Bryan Gros" 		Oakland, CA
Central, Eastern, Southern Calif, & Nevada:
"Richard Simoni, Sr." 	?, CA
"Rob Shaffer" 		Chatsworth, CA
"Johnny Kent" 		San Diego, CA
"Ginny Powell" 	San Luis Obispo, CA
"Joseph Feliciani" 	Huntington Beach, CA
"Steven Ban" 		Grizzly Flats, CA
"Casey Jones" 	Los Angeles, CA
"Chris Tacy" 		Bishop, CA
"Felix Dial" 		?, CA
"Peter Zulkowski" 	Lake Havasu City, NV
"Brian Dixon" 	Las Vegas, NV
"Ken Matley" 		Los Angeles, CA
"Nick Trujillo" 		Covina, CA
"Patrick Connolly" 		Moorpark, CA
"Jane Hill" 			Juneau, AK
BC, Canada:
"Bryn Shapperd" 		Comox Valley ?, BC, Canada
"Oaxaca Charlie" 		Grand Forks, BC, Canada
Canada, other territories
"Dave Lang" 		Toronto, Canada
Outside of N. America:
"Christopher Holden"   Nottingham, England
"Paul Haddon" 		Sydney, Australia
"Myron Joshua" 	Kibbutz Kfar Etzion, Israel
"john ?" 			Portugal
"Claus Thøgersen" 		Denmark
"Sonja Carr-Taylor" 	New Zealand

2) From: Bill Martin
Uh.....  Hello??  How'd you miss me??
Bill Martin bmartin Kurtistown, HI
On Apr 26, 2004, at 5:25 PM, Jeffrey Pawlan wrote:
Center, VT
BC, Canada
When I was kidnapped, my parents snapped into action. They rented out
my room.  -- Woody Allen

3) From: Angelo
I'm a bit confused. Do we have to send the info off list for it to get on=
Angelo (Manhattan, NY)
3rd and final time...

4) From: Johnny Kent
Probably 'cos your original message never made it through the list server.
I kept copies of all the 'roll call' messages and I didn't see one from you
must be those servers acting up again...
At 05:43 PM 4/26/2004 -1000, you wrote:

5) From: Myron Joshua
Buffalo NY made it in...but that is not Manhattan.
You must finally pay the price for being a New Yorker ALL of who m think
that Everything West of Hudson is frontier.
For those who are not familiar here is a link to the great NEW YORKER
cover...http://www.moorsmagazine.com/new%20yorker/newyorkervariaties.htmlbest, myron

6) From: Dave Huddle
Great idea to compile the list.
Surprised that there are so few in Ohio - the ORIGINAL home of
Dave    Westerville, OH

7) From: Wandering John
Dave Huddle wrote:
They are there Dave, they're just still in mourning

8) From: Craig Andrews
Hi Jeffery,
Hmmm...  not quite updated., you left me out. Canada, other territories
"Craig Andrews" Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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