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Topic: ? URGENT Vac Sealer ? (5 msgs / 64 lines)
1) From: Dave Huddle
Got a question for your Foodsaver VAC users.
A local store has the Tilia VAC 420 model on sale at 59.99 (the claim
the regular price is 199.99).
And TODAY - they have a 15% OFF sale for senior citizens (I qualify), so
the price TODAY is 50.99.
QUESTION - is this a model I want?   Is it really a good price?
Dave    Westerville, OH

2) From: Jason Molinari
Seems like a pretty good deal to me. I see one on Ebay at $58 "buy-it-now" +$15 shipping. 
Seems like the model i have, simple and functional. Sometimes i wish i had a model that had the vacuum and seal as separate functions, since storing wet foods can be hard sometimes, but it isn't that big of a deal.
For $50, i'd say it is well worth it.

3) From: ConradArms
Make sure it can seal jars and canisters................  Tilia is the best

4) From: Jason Molinari
It has the hose attachement and port..so i believe it does.

5) From: R.N.Kyle
     The FoodSaver models listed below have been discontinued and replaced
by ... II FoodSaver Compact 2 FoodSaver Ultra FoodSaver Vac 330 FoodSaver
Vac 420 FoodSaver Vac 500 FoodSaver Vac 540 FoodSaver Vac 550 FoodSaver Vac
    http://homesteadharvest.com/vs420.html      Dave this link will tell you about the 420

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