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Topic: New Bodum Santos! (5 msgs / 111 lines)
1) From: Ron L
My new Bodum Santos arrived this afternoon... Today is an "office" day (no
travel and no appointments), so I was here when UPS dropped it off, so I HAD
to play...  My first attempt was a bit of a failure...  I think I left the
coffee "up north" for too long for my grind.  The coffee was quite bitter.
I tossed it and tried again.  I decided not to mess with the grind, so I
shortened the time that the coffee was "up north", and I'm drinking the
result right now...  What a smooth cup of coffee!  I think I'm going to like
this brewing method...

2) From: Brian Kamnetz
Hi Ron,
I have yet to use my Bodum Santos - little matter of a heat diffuser. Can 
you tell me what is done to keep the coffee up north or to coax it south?
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3) From: Bill Blakely
To keep the coffee in the brewing chamber,  I turn down the heat to low 
(which is just enough to keep the small amount of water in the pot 
boiling).  When I want to send it south, I generally just take it off the 
eye.  On the rare occassions that it gets stuck up north(well, they are 
rare since I replaced the original Bodum spring filter with an Cory rod I 
picked up through an auction) I twist the rod to slightly break the seal.  
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4) From: Ron L
Hi Brian...  I just keep it on the heat until its time go go south...
Here's a link to some nice instructions...http://www.ineedcoffee.com/01/09/santos/BTW, I bought a heat diffuser at Bed, Bath and Beyond today for $4...  It
worked great!  I was using a small skillet yesterday...

5) From: Brian Kamnetz
Hi Ron,
Thanks for the link. Looks very helpful. Thanks also for the tip on the 
heat diffuser. I'm going down to Santa Fe in a week or so and will stop in 
to the Bed, Bath and Beyond.
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