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Topic: 1st Try Hot Top (6 msgs / 97 lines)
1) From: Pamela Chadwick
I used 9 0z and, no I didn't check the level but I will. Thanks

2) From: Wandering John
Bear in mind that there will always be a small amount of stacking
against the viewing window. That is normal - and the beans are being
mixed by the Helical wire in the drum.  If you look at the amount of
coffee you have installed in a glass - you will see that what is on the
viewing window only represents a small amount - and is representative of
the distribution across the length of the drum.
John - aging HotTop pilot
On Tue, 2004-05-18 at 12:26, Pamela Chadwick wrote:
Wandering John

3) From: alfred
 Pam: your nine ounces is 279 grams. I usually roast 300 grams and when
level, the rolling beans occupy the lower !/3 of the sight glass in the
front cover.

4) From: DJ Garcia
"John - aging HotTop pilot"
Is that John piloting an aging HotTop, or an aging John piloting a
HotTop, or an aging John piloting an aging HotTop? :-)
Aging pilot crashing his HotTop

5) From: Wandering John
I'm not sure - everything is getting old DJ.  But I think I meant that I
was aging and the pilot of a HotTop - but since my HotTop is number 6
then maybe we're both aging :o)  And the way it looks at the moment -
I've been piling it up a lot lately - I have it apart to work on the
beeper problem. 
On Tue, 2004-05-18 at 18:22, DJ Garcia wrote:
Wandering John

6) From: Pamela Chadwick
Thanks to all of you.
1/3 of the window is about what I am seeing. Next time I roast I will use
the flash light to look at the rest of the drum. Also, I will make sure it
is level. I will probably roast tomorrow. I did 2 roast with it so far, one
too dark, one too light. I was way too busy today to do any. I have to work
to pay for these toys. I work at home but some days are real tigers.
BTW, "Starbutts" has my vote. But I am pretty sure my family won't try it.
They wrinkle thei noses at anything avant-guard. I know it isn't really, but
to them it is.

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