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1) From: Bryce Decker
Gary & Others:
        In the early years of my homeroasting association with green
beans from Kona, I felt that one of the first things I could reliably say
them was the sweet aroma the roasted and rested beans emitted, and
so upon grinding.
        Like you, I was usually disappointed that the same sweetness
did not emerge in the brewed cup --  most of the time.  More rarely, in a
 "Kona to die for" brewed cup, the sweetness often IS there, along with
pleasant things.  
        Now that I have been retired in Kona for over two years and
keep Kona beans to roast from all over the Coffee Belt,  I am less
about anyone being able to definitively say,  "That is Kona coffee!", in a
cupping or by sniffing the roasted beans.  Nor is that sweetness always
present.  There is just too much variation from farm to farm and crop to
        I now enjoy the aroma if it is there and take note of it as one of
variables in a particular batch of green.  And, as you point out, it seldom
gives a relable foretaste of what the brewed cup will give us.  
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But one thing I've noticed for me is that the smell, before and after 
grinding, doesn't seem to correlate very well with the taste of the brewed 
coffee that results.  Sometimes the best-smelling beans curiously give me a
relatively disappointing cup, considering my high expectations from the 
smell.  Conversely, sometimes the relatively uninteresting or low-fragrace 
beans give the best cups.  Has anyone else noticed something like this?  I 
don't think it's a really consistent observation.
I was beginning to think that having a coffee that smells great is a bad 
thing, because maybe it lets the essential coffee - er - essence - to 
escape into the atmosphere, rather than allowing it to be released in the
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2) From: Steve D

3) From: dan
I've roasted more than 75 lbs of various green beans through my Behmor  
- the coffee aromas are still a mystery to me.  Often the
roasted beans smell pretty good, but sometimes the odor is AWFUL!!!    
SM sells some espresso cups that are  called 'Skunk' - I get that now  
- so what causes that bad odor?
Fifty years ago, drugstore coffee shops always seemed to host a truly  
wonderful coffee aroma - I have been unable to duplicate anything so  
nice, even with my
best fresh ground beans.  Any ideas?
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4) From: golfermd01
More important. How does it taste? My roasts are not terribly great smelling. But the tastes are truly great!

5) From: Brian Kamnetz
I'm wondering if you may not be going through a process I went through
over a period of time when I began roasting. From my experiences prior
to roasting, and those go back to my mother's coffee more than 50
years ago, I had the idea that there was ONE coffee smell, and ONE
coffee flavor, and there was good and bad coffee, and good and bad was
determined by how well any particular coffee matched up to the ONE
uberstandard. Over a period of time after I began roasting (and
choosing the 8# sample packs, so that I got a wide range of greens),
it began to dawn on me that there are MANY very good coffee flavors,
and MANY very good coffee smells, just as is true of beer, wine,
cheese, etc. Once I began seeing coffee in this way, I became much
more open to enjoying the full range of smells and flavors available
among all of the finest varieties in the world, which of course we
have access to because we are fortunate enough to have found Tom and
On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 5:09 PM, dan  wrote:
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