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Topic: new user names (17 msgs / 287 lines)
1) From: John Abbott
Well since everyone seems to like my user name - I'm considering a
change.   I thought of curmudgeon but that would tip my

2) From: Ben Treichel
John Abbott wrote:
I would call that only fair warning; but then don't you think that using 
the name curmudgeon is more than a bit redandant. :-D

3) From: John Blumel
On May 21, 2004, at 9:18pm, John Abbott wrote:
Since you seem to be at a loss, here are a few suggestions...
CantankerousOldCoffeeGuy -- More of a mouthful but a bit 
more colorful than 'curmudgeon'. The downside is that you might be 
confused with some other of the cantankerous old coffee guys on the 
ListPolice -- Whenever someone breaks the rules, you can 
jump all over them and the question, "Are you the list police?" will be 
BuzzedPenguin -- Express your love of caffeine and Linux. 
Expect a visit from the DEA.
HombreDelCafe -- Add a little south of the border flavor 
to your list presence. Expect a visit from the DEA.
CarolynsHusband -- No doubt this is how at least some of 
your neighbors think of you and we all know who's really in charge.
MinitaMan -- Need I explain? And, it's fun to say out loud.
TheOriginalCoffeeAndNotThatDamnImposterBertoia -- Put an 
end to the confusion once and for all. I mean, what's the chance he'll 
use this one?
John Blumel

4) From: Wandering John
On Monday 24 May 2004 12:59 pm, Ben Treichel wrote:
Not at all!  Remember the lovely blond that shares my life also uses 
jcabbott.com  so not ALL traffic from this server is curmudgeon corp 
John - loving life in the slow lane

5) From: Wandering John
In all seriousness (and that doesn't last long so read fast) I'm sitting 
here with a sore throat!  My wife absolutely cracked up - and of course 
voted for Carolynshusband  After thinking about it for a 
bit I just went in and opened BuzzedPenguin - works for 
all my lists.
John - getting buzzed and watching for those white cars with the green 
On Monday 24 May 2004 01:00 pm, John Blumel wrote:
John - loving life in the slow lane

6) From: Steven Van Dyke
But John,
Your *user name* is 'John Abbott' - 'bertoia' is just the em=
account you're using for this post, and who looks at the email addresses?=
Steve :->http://www.cafepress.com/stevespics<- My little store of Impressionist">http://www.svandyke.com<- My simple websitehttp://www.cafepress.com/stevespics<- My little store of Impressionist
& Special Event photography

7) From: R.N.Kyle
I like this one John
HombreDelCafe -- Add a little south of the border flavor 
to your list presence. Expect a visit from the DEA.
Name provided by John Blumel

8) From: Wandering John
On Monday 24 May 2004 02:49 pm, Steven Van Dyke wrote:
No, my name is John Abbott, my user name is coffee!  Read the RTF and 
you'll notice that that thingy on the left of the @ is referred to as 
John - loving life in the slow lane

9) From: DJ Garcia
MinitaMan - I like that one. I can picture Beavis running around as the
Great Cornholio after ingesting a massive dose of sugar, floundering his
arms and sputtering "MinitaMan ... MinitaMan ... Heh-Heh, Heh-Heh".
What about PapaCata?
Not very good with user names, just with stuff users can use

10) From: Jerry Procopio
Do I need to Trademark my user name? 
R.N.Kyle wrote:

11) From: Jeff Wikstrom
PapaCata!  It sounds so warm and fuzzy!

12) From:
DJ Garcia  wrote on 05/25/2004, 12:52:07 AM:
DJ, Hombre!  There are some things that shouldn't be messed with - like
religious names.  Mama Cata is always said in whispered and reverent
tones.   But MinitaMan  would look good on the side of my van -
Minitaman Van!
Juan - Hombre Del Cafe

13) From: Rick Farris
Err...I think you mean RFC, although I suppose in this circumstance you
might be asking him to RTFM...
-- Rick

14) From: Buzzed Penguin
Do I need to Trademark my user name? 
R.N.Kyle wrote:
Your name is safe here Jerry.  However, doing it the current way I would 
patent it and then sue you for using it :O)
- Juan - Hombre Del Cafe

15) From: gin
I would...
At 01:59 AM 5/25/2004, you wrote:

16) From: Peter Barnes
Somehow, I *doubt* that is what our dear rev. meant.
Though I had the same thought when I saw it.
Rick Farris wrote:

17) From: Wandering John
On Tuesday 25 May 2004 11:02 am, Rick Farris wrote:
Well I was never good at either :O)   RTFM would work too ;o))
John - loving life in the slow lane

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