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1) From: Allen Marsalis
How and how often do you clean your air roaster?  I found
out the hard way that once per year isn't enough.
Should I clean it weekly with my brew gear?  What cleaner
should I use?
Also I have never cleaned by Solis Maestro except with
a brush and shaking out debris which seems to collect
inside the case.  Should I be removing the burrs and
washing them?  I did run some rice through it once but
I didn't notice any improvement due to that.

2) From: Sharon Allsup
On 29 May 2004, at 12:20, Allen Marsalis wrote:
Mine is cleaned after every usage.  Once I got into the routine it 
didn't add any appreciable time to the process, maybe 15 seconds 
here and there.
I pour out the beans into the baggie* and wipe down the roast 
chamber with a dry paper towel or washcloth while it's still hot.  
The coffee oils are still wet at that stage and come right off the 
glass & metal.  That's worlds easier then trying to remove baked-on 
oils.  When fully cooled & before putting it up at the end of the day 
I wipe it out with a water-dampened towel or cloth and let it dry.  
The Hearthware Precision made this part a breeze, and the 
FreshRoast makes it a pain because the chamber is too narrow to 
get my hand into.
After every roast, the chaff collector gets blown through and lightly 
brushed to remove any obvious blockages.  Every now and then it 
gets rinsed in water.  So far no problem; at a later stage the 
chaff/oil crud might start blocking the screen and then I'll come 
here to see if it's OK to use a stronger cleaner :)
*A ziplock bag that is NOT closed, but instead stuffed while still 
open into a SM's one-way-valve zip-close bag.  This way I get the 
benefit of the one-way valve bags while still keeping them easy to 
clean because the beans are in what is basically a plastic liner.

3) From: Allen Marsalis
At 06:18 PM 5/29/2004 -0400, Sharon Allsup wrote:
 >*A ziplock bag that is NOT closed, but instead stuffed while still
 >open into a SM's one-way-valve zip-close bag.  This way I get the
 >benefit of the one-way valve bags while still keeping them easy to
 >clean because the beans are in what is basically a plastic liner.
What a great tip Sharon.  I am definitely going to try this
baggie trick.
Also I will try wiping out the inside of my roaster after each
use while it is still warm.

4) From: Felix Dial

5) From: AlChemist John
I have never cleaned mine but I am thinking I may.  I would disassemble it 
all, and soak the metal pieces in Cafex.
Sometime around 10:20 AM 5/29/2004, Allen Marsalis typed:
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
Zen Roasting , Blending & Espresso pulling by Gestalthttp://www.dreamsandbones.net/blog/http://www.chocolatealchemy.com/

6) From: Allen Marsalis
At 09:16 PM 5/29/2004 -0700, Felix Dial wrote:
 >Allen, what happens when you clean it only once per year?
The inside of my Rosto had a well seasoned look, or so I
thought.  The inner dome and part of the bottom turned
dark brown, as well as the upper half of the sides of the
bowl.  Also my chaff basket was getting pretty dark too.
I cleaned the lid after every use but that was it.
But instead of the stainless steel taking on a dark color,
it was a buildup of oil and residue that came off with
enough abrasion.  I would think this would have turned
rancid over time but it was more of a sudden explosion
with CRLM seeming to be the fuse.  SOS pads turned everything
bright silver again.  I also used my grouphead brush to clean
the chaff basket which became bright silver again.  Now our
batches taste like they did in months prior to the sudden
 >Do you folks
 >roast well into rolling 2nd? I'm thinking that roasting darker would leave
 >more oil and other gunk in the roast chamber.
I stop at Full City, no oil..  Every now and then, I see
a bean or two with a little oil in my grinder hopper. But
I don't know if darker roasts lead to more gunk in the
chamber.  Sounds reasonable though..
 >FWIW, I've never cleaned the roast chambers of the air poppers I use, but I
 >haven't been roasting as long as some of the others on this list. I use my
 >whirley pop for darker roasts (into 2nd crack but seldom into rolling 2nd)
 >and it gets pretty oily and dirty.  I clean my whirley pop about once every
 >2-3 weeks.
My Rosto didn't really look all that bad.  It was a sudden change in
taste that got my attention.  I could have sworn that I read somewhere
that it wasn't necessary to keep a roaster all that clean but I tend to
disagree (if indeed I read that as I recall).  I also think that the
bean itself has a lot to do with this based on my little experience.
Some beans produce oils that have different tastes than others as they
turn rancid, oxidize, or whatever they do.  I love CRLM but it must be
consumed in less than 24 hours after roasting and handled with white
gloves if you ask me.  Actually I plan to treat all beans this way.
I can't imagine anything in a dirty roaster than would add good character
to a roast now that I think about it, so maybe my question was sorta
dumb to begin with.

7) From: Allen Marsalis
I found that a good soak in Cafiza was not enough for my
heavy buildup of gunk.  It took a brush and/or steel wool to
get the gunk off.  But the result looks like a more shiny
silver than new, even for the chaff basket.
FWIW, I ended up disassembling my Rosto just so I could get
to all the nooks and crannies.
As for my Maestro, I'm thinking of retiring it and getting
a Mazzer even if I have to cut a big hole in the bottom of
an upper cabinet!  Heh, thinking of opening the cabinet to
fill the grinder hopper.  ;-)
At 06:35 AM 5/30/2004 -0700, AlChemist John wrote:

8) From: leslee berringer
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Allen, how much do you need to grind at one time?  I grind 20 grams each =
time and you certainly don't need the top for that.  You could easily =
remove it and then the Mazzer will fit under your shelf, no problem.   =
No need for the cover at all unless you want to grind quite a bit more =
beans each time.  Not sure exactly how many grams will fit because I =
never tried more than 20, but someone here will surely know should you =
need to grind more at one time.
Responding to Allen Marsalis' message of May 30th sent at 2:01 p.m.

9) From: Allen Marsalis
At 02:36 PM 5/30/2004 -0400, leslee berringer wrote:
Enough for 2 double shots once or twice a day.
By "top" are you referring to the clear hopper?  True I do
not need to keep 1+ lbs up top..  Will it operate without
the hopper or downward pressure from beans above?
Interesting idea if I understand.  I'm thinking "if there's a will, there's
a way."
But I also see the mazzer as a thing of beauty so I might just have to
find a new location in the kitchen to show it off.  It seems a shame
not to show it in its full glory if you know what I mean.  And I doubt
my wife would let me get the hole saw after the cabinet above our
grinder anyway.. ;)

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