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1) From: Steven L. Johnson
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"Sample Roaster" -- my wife saw one on an on-line auction;  which turned out
to be a marketing attempt to sell one that could do up to 2 pounds.   From
my research -- we could have purchased the roaster at a "deal" for $3,000
( U.S.).   I am not sure of your position -- but this fits my description of
"really just ridiculously expensive"
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 13:20:30 -0500
To: homeroast
From: Ralph Rosen 
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wrestling with the pros and cons of our devices (I use the HWP, Alp,
and lately find myself reverting to my trusty Whirlypop), that it
occurred to me that there might be some more professional machine
that we could all at least aspire to some day, like the "sample
roasters" that professionals use to roast a pound at a time, or less,
which would give more consistent and systematic results (and handle
more than the smaller amounts that all our machines currently do).
Perhaps these are really just ridiculously expensive...dunno.
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2) From: jhwada
Hello Folks,
Can anyone suggest me a good Sample roaster (2 or 3 drums=
 w/ Propane Burner), and give an idea about the price $? Assembled with a g=
rinder will be even better.
Thank you
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3) From: Branden Byers
A quick check online shows prices for a two barrel probat style sample
roaster anywhere from $10,000 to over $20,000. The least expensive
looks like close to $7,000 for a two barrel (150g each) Quantik sample
roaster. A good sample grinder appears to cost another $1,000-$2,000
such as Ditting or Mahlkoenig.
I'm of course no expert. I've been interested in the prices before
because I'm frustrated with the limitations of home roasters. At this
point a professional roaster is out of my price range. Maybe in
another couple years...
On 6/15/07, jhwada  wrote:

4) From: Aaron
I wonder if you could talk to RK and possibly he could build a multi 
barrel RK roaster for you?
I have no idea what he is able to do but it'd be worth a shot and a hell 
of a lot cheaper than 10 grand I bet.

5) From: jhwada
Thanks a lot, for the information.
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Assunto: Re: Res: +Sample Roaster
RK is one of our list members =
here who builds stainless drum roasters 
for a propane barbecue setup.
Ill let him explain it more in detail as Id probably not do credit to =
the fantastic work he does on his stuff.
here is a link to his webs=
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