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1) From: HeatGunRoast
--- Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee  wrote:
Is it possible that the decaf drinkers are just a little intimidated by some in the
coffee community who hold a faux-gourmet snooty tendency to disdain decafs in order
to let others know what a sophisticated palate they have?   I'd love to see
attention to decaf kicked up a notch.  The small grain of good news behind John's
"misfortune" is that the world (ok, this list) needs more experienced and
discriminating cuppers (like him) reporting on and demanding taste standards that
approximate regular coffees.  Tom, if it's not a proprietary matter, what is roughly
the ratio of decaf to regular that you sell?  I drink roughly equal amounts, making
my shift to decaf early afternoon.  My decafs do tend more toward milk drinks and
sweetened (contrary to convention which puts milk in the am). I'm the first to
regret that decafs lack the variety of exquisite choices available in regulars, but
I'm not convinced that the gap has to be as large as it is.
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2) From: Pamela Chadwick
I don't have disdain for decaf drinkers. I just know that he loves variety
and it just isn't there, like you said. I haven't tried to roast any decaf
yet, haven't any on hand. I placed an order for greens last night but never
thought to order any decaf. I can only have 2 cup in the am  & 2 in the
afternoon or I don't sleep AT ALL and bounce off the walls & drive the world
around me crazy with my energy level & non stop talking, ( kinda' like now)
I love a cup of coffee or cap after dinner, it's better than a 3 layer
chocolate cake. Darn I really wish I had ordered some.

3) From: HeatGunRoast
Go Pam!
An email to SM, and they'll add to your order!
I'm not exactly singing praises to decaf., but it's not a second-rate drink, and
it's sure way better than the other choice - - -which for some is no coffee at all. 
IMO, the availability of great specialty decafs will be driven by demand.  
--- Pamela Chadwick  wrote:
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4) From: Pamela Chadwick
Thanks for the suggestion , I took your advice! I ordered Timor WP Maubesse.

5) From: John Abbott
On Saturday 05 June 2004 10:39 am, HeatGunRoast wrote:
Folks - what we have here is the birth of the CSAD - that would be CSA 
with Decaf added.   I thought - DCSA first but the SAD was so 
appropriate for my current thoughts :))   
OK - standby Martin.  I've got a bunch arriving on Monday and then I 
JUST finished roasting  Sumatra Mandheling Natural Decaf.   I roasted 
it dark with the intention of using it exclusively for shots.  It is a 
funky looking bean to start with - and the finished roast varies in 
color.  This is going to take four or five runs to calibrate. 
-This is John and I authorized this message! -

6) From: AlChemist John
On my last order I picked up 3 different decafs for a friend who just found 
out she is pregnant.  The Panamanian, Suluwesi and Columbian.  Her eyes lit 
up when I gave her the fresh beans all roasted up.  She said he husband had 
put together for her morning coffee some he "found" from me (12th night 
gift) and some decaf from when she was pregnant with her 3 year old.  She 
said she did not expect it to be good but it way SOOO bad.  I have slowing 
been "feeding" her good coffee without ever pushing.  She commented that 
she can now start to tell the difference in fresh or not and that it is 
a  slippery slope and a mixed blessing/curse. :-).
OH, for the Gathering, should I have so decaf on hand?
Sometime around 09:53 AM 6/5/2004, Pamela Chadwick typed:
John Nanci 
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7) From: Ron L
I also enjoy decaf after dinner, and I've been trying out some of the decaf
coffees that SM sells.  So far, I've tried the Mexican Esmeralda Natural
Decaf and the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe WP Decaf.  Both are good coffees, but
the Yirg is more to my liking.  The Mexican is nice, but not quite bold
enough for me.  I only bought 2 lbs, and I have about 1/2 pound left.  Since
I don't want to waste it, I tried an experiment today.  I roasted a cup of
Mexican in two batches in my Poppery II.  The first batch I stopped before
2nd, and the second batch I let go into 2nd for about 10 seconds.  I also
did two batches of the Yirg, one stopped before 2nd and one into 2nd just a
little.  I brought some of each with me on my business trip to the Detroit
area, and I'm drinking a cup of Mexican-Yirg blend right now.  It's a very
nice cup, with some chocolate notes and a touch of flowers from the Yirg
melange, but smoothed out by the Mexican melange.  I'm sure I've violated
some cardinal rule of blending, but I'm happy so far... (Of course, the
beans have only rested for 12 hours... I may change my mind in a couple of
I'm going to try the Sulawesi and the Sumatra decafs next...

8) From: Gene Smith
Something I have been playing with is blending half-caf.  I know it doesn't
answer the needs of the folks who must go caf-less, but it does provide some
flexibility to lower caffeine consumption if you feel you need or ought to.
It would seem that judicious blending might take the edge off some of the
decaf complaints.  Alas, I am too much of a novice to offer much more than
just a notion to try it.  After suggestions from the list about
approximating the Yukon Blend from $tarbucks that I rather liked, I've tried
mixing various Latins with decaf Sumatra with pleasant results.
Gene Smith
riding the wild learning curve, in Houston

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