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Topic: '00/'01 Sumatra Man. DP (6 msgs / 141 lines)
1) From: Jeffrey A. Olawski
Greetings to all,
Just wondering if anyone has tried SM's Sumatra Mandheling DP '00/01 -- how
did you think it cups compared to last year's crop?
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2) From: Scott Jensen
I'll go ahead and venture out here!  I really liked this coffee,  I truely
think this is a great year for sumatra and that one is excellent.  I really
can't give you all the info as far as details in the cup, floral nutty
ect...  I didn't make any notes but it was incredible.  I liked last years
triple pick very well, but I think this surpasses it.
Scott Jensen

3) From: Ken Mary
The appearance of what I received of this lot is very clean, well polished
(almost zero chaff), and a dark blue-green color, while last year's (99/00) was
a much lighter color and very wormy with black tips. Unfortunately, the wild
interesting flavors went away with the worm holes. This year's lot is milder,
but still very good. I roast it light, ranging from 220 C to 225 C end point at
the 5 to 6 minute mark. I just completed my first dark roast (231 C at 8.8
minutes). The first 2 brews (french press) at 2 hours and 14 hours were flat and
uninteresting as is my evaluation of almost any coffee taken into second crack,
but absent of any burnt or overroast taste. I have part of the roast exposed to
air on my kitchen windowsill for a 24 and 48 hour aging to see if anything
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4) From: Mike Geis
This is my favorite coffee.  I roast it just into 2nd crack in the Alp,
which takes it 10-20 seconds or so further into 2nd crack before it cools
sufficiently to stop the roast, use 28 grams per 20 oz of water, brew it in
the Yama for 2:30, and then let it descend -- takes another minute or so.  I
am trying to simulate the 4 minutes brewing of a French press more or less.
After it cools by about 20-30% off peak hotness, it is sublime.  I can't
stand it when the last drop is gone and am always tempted to brew some more.
It is addictive, I fear.
Mike Geis

5) From: Tom & Maria
Its a cleaner cup this year for sure, better preparation of the coffee.
What I usually try to due is sort theough all the lots of Sumatra for
something thats really delicious but not dirty, and then something a little
fruitier, and another very earthy/nasty for those out there looking for the
maximum punch from Sumatra. This year none of the offerings exactly fit
that bill (so far) but all three Sumatras (Mandheling GR1, Gayo Mtn, and
Gayoland) came in really really nice, better prep than ever before, and
each with a difference more subtle than last year. There were so-so lots of
each too... but its not like an off lot of Sumatra is going to be more
aggressive in a good way, it will simpoly taste flat AND dirty, or just
have less character overall.
Bad news from a broker on the Organic Uganda too. He says it came in fairly
dull, but he tends to like things a bit cleaner in flavor than I do, so
theres still a slim chance it has a pungent Uganda quality he just doesnt
like ...waiting on the sample which will probably come today...
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6) From: Jeffrey A. Olawski
My results are similar.  I too noticed that the beans are more uniform and
darker in appearance than last year's crop.  I find the cup is less complex,
more flat or monotone.  I tried two roasts: one about 30 sec. into second
crack, the other just at the cusp of second crack.  There was not much
difference between 10 and 36 hours resting.
I liked last years crop much better.
HWP, brewed at  ~195 deg. F, drip with mesh filter

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