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Topic: newbie question on the WBPII (15 msgs / 396 lines)
1) From: J&K Kouri
I am all set to try my first attempt a home roasting.  I have been reading all the info I can find on using the PII, and have a question.  In some directions it says to be sure to leave the plastic top, including the butter dish in place while roasting to keep the heat contained.  However, in some other directions the authors talk about stirring while roasting.  In fact in one, there was a picture of the "stirring and roasting" with just the base of the popper!
So what is the approved solution?  Stir?  Cover? Stir and cover somehow?  I appreciate any tips from the experts!
Jeff K

2) From: Michael Allen Smith
I've never used a lid roasting on my WB2.  However, if you plan to roast in
a cold or windy climate, having the lid around to trap in heat AFTER the 1st
minute of stirring would be benefical.
I appreciate any tips from the experts!
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3) From: Steve

4) From: gperry
I usually start out with the cover off and stir the beans with a 
wooden spoon (the handle, it's smaller). I have to stir it because 
the beans won't agitate on their own until they get hot and lose 
some moisture weight (I think). If I don't stir, some of them at the 
bottom burn and the roast is more uneven. After a minute or two, 
the beans will start moving from the air blowing through and don't 
need any more help from me. This is the point at which it's getting 
too hot to have my hands over the popper for long. I then put the 
cover on and let things go from there. 
It can be good to roast without the cover because the roast 
progress more slowly. The WBPII tends to roast several minutes  
faster (or more) than professional roasters do and adding an extra 
minute or two isn't a bad idea. I like the result with the cover well 
enough and it allows me to funnel the chaff and escaped beans to 
a bowl, so I roast with the cover on.
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5) From: Thom Mackris
I got my co-worker hooked on home roasting.  This means that I will have a
venue that's a safe distance from my asthmatic wife.  The fellow just
returned from a camping trip in the Canyonlands (Utah) and all 5 days he was
(a) dreaming of espresso and (b) contemplating designing his own backpacking
stove.  IOW, he was an easy mark 
It seems as if the WB PII lowers the cost of entry to the ridiculous, but
their website doesn't have a dealer network listing.  The link to the PII is
broken on their site even though the parts links work.  If I'm correct, Tom
& Maria don't sell it due to legal wranglings ... so ... I'm wondering if
anyone has either a listing of dealers or a place to buy it on the web.

6) From: Paul Jolly
I roast with the cover on OR off, depending on
the quantity of beans I put in.  Not being one to
measure by weight (as I don't have a scale), I go
by volume.  The WB directions state that we ought
to use 1/2 cup of popcorn...so, with 1/2 cup of
beans, I find that I don't need to stir since the
beans begin whirring around in the airstream
rather quickly.  Thus, I keep the cover on.  
Then I read that one can put 2/3 cup of beans in,
so I tried that.  I definitely need to stir that
amount for 2-3 minutes, at which time the beans
will circulate on their own...but not spinning
around; rather, they'll be blown up the sides of
the roast chamber and fall in the middle, where
they sink to the bottom to start all over again. 
As you've guessed by now, I keep the cover off
for the stirring and then put it on.
So what's the difference?  Well, I roast outdoors
and had been unable to get 1/2 cup of beans to
2nd crack until I got a cardboard box big enough
to put over the whole roaster.  With the box in
place, the hot air is recirculated through the
machine and the beans hit 2nd crack in 4-5
minutes.  With 2/3 cup of beans, I find that they
retain enough of the heat without the cardboard
box to reach 2nd crack in 5-6 minutes.  I prefer
the flavor of the larger quantity roasts, but not
having to stir is pretty convenient.  Try it both
ways and see which you like.  BTW, you've chosen
a good place to start your roasting hobby.  The
WBPII is inexpensive and works great.  Enjoy! 
Let us know how it works out.
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7) From: jim gundlach
on 3/16/01 5:22 PM, Thom Mackris at thom_mackris wrote:
  There are three of them on eBay right now, none as cheap as I got mine,
   Jim Gundlach
      Roasting over wood fire
         In Shorter AL
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8) From: Steve

9) From: Thom_Mackris
I found one!  There's no keeping an obsessed man down.
Thanks in advance to anyone who was researching this on my behalf.  It only
took 4 stores.  An bean order goes out to Tom & Maria on Monday as soon as I
get my buddy's part of the order verified.

10) From: Michael Allen Smith
A little surfing on Google turned up this link:http://www.hectorshardware.com/hotaircorpop.html$19
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11) From: Robert Cantor
I leave the cover on and grab the top with a hot pad and the bottom
barehanded.  being careful to keep both halves united I agitate the beans
until they fly on their own.  It's just that I prefer my roasts shaken, not
I actually really do this.
Bob C.

12) From: Angelo
A suggestion that was offered a while back was to turn on the popper and
pour the beans until the movement is very slight.....Voila!  no scales, no
measuring cups and no stirring necessary.
| I leave the cover on and grab the top with a hot pad and the bottom
| barehanded.  being careful to keep both halves united I agitate the beans
| until they fly on their own.  It's just that I prefer my roasts shaken,
| stirred.
|                                       ;)
| I actually really do this.
| Bob C.
| rcantor

13) From: Jerry D
I found my WBII at ourhouse.com which is the online site of Ace Hardware.  I 
found it through a search engine.  The cost is $16.99 + shipping.  It is 
found under Kitchen & Appliances > Small Appliances.
Hope this helps.  I have read this newsgroup for a couple of months and have 
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14) From: Thom_Mackris
Thanks all for the resources folks.  As you all know by now, I got nutty &
sourced a PII locally after only 4 tries.  All of my searches on Google turned
up empty ... goes ta show ya 
One hint about Google you might be interested in is that they've purchased
Deja News.  Their Usenet search is very promising & they're threatening to
make it more sophisiticated.  I particularly like the fact that you can pull
up an entire thread on a single web page which makes for quick research when
you're on a 56K line.  The disadvantage of this is of course that you can't
view the posters names as you can when a thread is displayed in a tree
structure.  I suspect that this will come shortly.
These days, I just don't have time to stay subscribed to any newsgroups.  If I
were, I'd just get compulsive and open up a whole lot more posts than I have
any right to spend time with.
Here are their Usenet specific URL's for those who are interested:
  General: http://groups.google.com/advanced_group_searchThanks again,">http://groups.google.com/  Advanced Search (Deja's old Power Search):http://groups.google.com/advanced_group_searchThanks again,

15) From: Robert Cantor
But if you want to make the most possible at a time, you have to agitate
untill the beans lose a little water weight and fly on their own.  If not,
then whatever!
Bob C.

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