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1) From: John Abbott
On Thursday 17 June 2004 05:50 pm, Ron L wrote:
  One of the things I respect most about the Mexican folks is that they 
measure success not by the possessions one has, or by the wealth one 
has amassed but by the number of friends one can draw together around 
   A meeting here starts when the last person arrives.  If we all have 
to wait 20 minutes that's perfectly acceptable - especially if the last 
to arrive was taking care of family.  It would be a social failure to 
give up a family (extended) in favor of any material gain.
Having saved that $700 that would buy an Isomac, we will look forward to 
seeing pictures of it soon.
I will begin to become saddened about 5pm tomorrow and will not fully 
recover until Monday, knowing that GOOD friends will gather without me. 
I'd give up my SM5K if I could be there.
John - enjoying life in the slow lane

2) From: R.N.Kyle
with the expertise on this list, maybe they could web-cast the PNWG for
those of us that will not be able to attend. How about it Mike, AJ, Les ,
any chance of that happening?
Wishing I was there

3) From: gin
well, I wish I had my pilot's lic, I would make a sweep and pick up a few 
Hip put that off for a bit.
At 04:49 PM 6/17/2004, you wrote:

4) From: gin
great idea
At 05:30 PM 6/17/2004, you wrote:

5) From: Ron L
Thanks for the perspective, John... Its very easy to get trapped in the rush
of the city and the business world, and to lose sight of what's really
important.  I've never met anyone on this list in person, so I think it
would be great fun to put faces (aside from the pics on Alchemist's site)
and personalities with the names.  In addition, the opportunity to learn
from so many people with years of experience would be a fantastic
opportunity.  Not only that, but MM's food sounds wonderful! 
BTW, its not likely that there will be an Isomac in my future any time soon.
I have to build up to an upgrade, and the first thing I'll change is to
upgrade to a Mazzer Mini. My wife is still trying to figure out how we ended
up with all of my coffee paraphernalia along with a cart full of green
beans!  Of course, when she taste her Columbian every morning, I think she
understands for a while...
Actually, she's pretty patient to put up with me and my hobbies!

6) From: miKe mcKoffee

7) From: AlChemist John
Here here John.  You will be missed.  I really enjoyed meeting you last 
year and look forward to seeing you at the PNWG III.
Sometime around 09:15 PM 6/17/2004, miKe mcKoffee typed:
Hey, don't fret MM.  We are both cooking up a storm.  You write a hell of a 
lot better than I do though.  My mouth waters reading your posts.  You have 
a knack.  That said, the curried goat simmered for over 24 hours and is now 
in the fridge awaiting Saturday.  I is so luscious, the garlic, ginger, 
spiced butter, cardamom, peppers and the multitude of other spices just 
infusing every bite.  And it just melts in you mouth.  AHHH!  The Dora Wat 
is simmering now and will continue until noon or so tomorrow.  Cocoa 
liqueur is melting in the oven over night so it is all soft and ready for 
the tortes in the morning.  Just picked up the final ingredients for the 
hummus and taboleh.  Also need to get the injera (ethiopian flat bread) on 
to ferment overnight and make up 60-80 of those tomorrow (technically, no 
flatware is used, just injera for picking up the food).  I am sure there is 
more but I am exhausted.  I just don't have MM energy levels but I get it 
Less than 24 hours before pre festivities begin...
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
Zen Roasting , Blending & Espresso pulling by Gestalthttp://www.dreamsandbones.net/blog/http://www.chocolatealchemy.com/

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