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Topic: A three-year-old makes me an espresso (7 msgs / 121 lines)
1) From: Pecan Jim Gundlach
Joseph Brandon Pike, my three-year-old grandson was visiting and while 
he was playing around, he took a dollhouse cup and a chrome microscope, 
brought them out to the coffee table in front of me and put the cup 
under the microscope lens, turned the knob and made a buzzing sound. He 
then handed me the cup and said "Here's your coffee Jim."  I said 
"Thank you."  I then "drank" the coffee and told him he made good 
coffee.  He smiled, obviously pleased with himself.
Jim Gundlach

2) From: miKe mcKoffee
Like grandfather like grandson. It's obvious you set a good example! Great
story, thanks for sharing it.

3) From: Ben Treichel
Pecan Jim Gundlach wrote:
:-D  priceless!
Ben Treichel
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S.E Michigan
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4) From: AlChemist John
I love it!  Logan has on numerous occasions made me "machine coffee", with 
accompanying sounds of course.
OH, and yesterday, we stopped at a local coffee shop for tea for her and 
Penny.  Logan said I should get coffee and I told her I don't like their 
coffee.  She replied I should bring my own that was not burnt and make them 
use it too make me a good coffee.  They learn so fast :)
Sometime around 09:38 PM 6/26/2004, Pecan Jim Gundlach typed:
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
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5) From: gin
Great story Jim...
At 06:34 AM 6/27/2004, you wrote:

6) From: Robert Hayes
That's a great story, Jim
Budding Barista Buzzes Up A Boffo Brew.
With the amount of years it takes to become a master barista your 
grandson is probably
right on schedule at the age of three. Compared to all the lemonade 
stands, a kid running an
espresso stand would be a big hit. Jim, now you know what kind of gifts 
this little guy
will love. You can modify a steam toy to run on air pressure and use 
real coffee. In a few
years he can move on to the real deal. This clever, imaginative boy may 
be headed for MIT.
Bob Hayes
San Francisco
Pecan Jim Gundlach wrote:
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7) From: R.N.Kyle
Well now that's a cute story Jim. You have got him started on the path.

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