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Topic: need some prayers folks (11 msgs / 354 lines)
1) From: Bob
yes, in my prayers

2) From: Lowe, David
Wow... I'll be praying.
Dave Lowe

3) From: Mark Tosiello
You're covered here, Gin.  Take care.
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4) From: leslee berringer
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So sorry to hear about your sister Ginny.  I will certainly be sending =
healing energy and wishes and prayers,
Leslee Berringer

5) From: gin
Thank you Mark and everyone, I just cannot think at the moment.
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6) From: Ron L

7) From: Steven Van Dyke
~~~~~~~ <- many good vibes your sister's way.
Back in the 60's my whole family was in a rollover wreck - tire blew and the
steering column snapped.  Technically, my mother wasn't in the rollover
part - she took the steering wheel with her straight down the highway while
the rest of us rolled in the median.  My Grandfather, my sister, my two
brothers, our little dog, and I, all rolled at least four times.  Eldest
brother and I were ejected in the median and basically unharmed.  Everyone
survived although my mother kept a bit of that road under her arm until she
died and my next-elder brother still has faint 'tiger stripes' from setting
a record for number of stitches at the hospital - fortunately the sequence
in the back of the station wagon wound up: all the glass, grandpa's
wheelchair, my brother, my sister (who had been up front).
Considering that was right at 40 years ago, I'm betting your sister will be
just fine, although it may take a bit.
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8) From: Gregg Talton
We'll definitely be in prayer for her.  
Added to the family prayer list.  

9) From: DJ Garcia
Trully sorry to hear that. We'll pummel God with prayers. She has our
warmest wishes for a quick and full recovery.

10) From: Bill Doman
So sorry to hear this, Ginny. Prayers for Kathryn (and for you) are on the

11) From: Angelo
Sorry about all the troubles you've been having lately. Will pray for your 
sister(and you). Remember, this too shall pass....

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