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1) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
Thanks for compiling the list!!!  - very 
interesting to me too, since I don't look at them 
this way. In fact, we were going to use a dynamic 
green coffee list that would allow people to rank 
by score, but the problem is that the total 
scores are not the end-all statement about cup 
quality of a particular coffee. Like that 
Honduras Marcala socre is way too low. Next to a 
Kenya Kora PB  it might seem like a mundane cup, 
but a Kora is in a way "too much coffee" to drink 
every day, at least for me. I really want the 
simple, sweet Honduran on some days more than a 
Kora. The other problem is that each coffee needs 
to be broken out into subcategories of general 
cup profile. If a Sumatra ISK ranks 87.5 but you 
don't like earthy low-acid coffees, than it 
doesnt mean you'll like the ISK. In fact, in most 
cases if a particular type of cup is not to your 
liking, a higher scoring coffee would be MORE 
disagreeable. So the numbers do lie, I suppose... 
When we do a Cup of Excellence competition, we 
always have a discussion before about scoring. We 
are not scoring all coffees of the world against 
eachother - we are scoring that origin. So a 100 
for that origin is not "the best coffee in the 
whole world". Anyway, interesting stuff to 
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2) From: Andy Thomas
The numerical scores may mean more to experienced
technical cuppers, but to me they are arbitrary,
mostly. I find your excellent written descriptions
much more helpful than the numbers when I'm pondering
which coffees to order. So thanks, Tom and Maria, for
the effort you put into making Sweet Maria's such a
great source of information, in addition to a great
source of coffee and coffee stuff.
--- Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
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3) From: gin
I must agree 100 percent with Andy. Numbers are simply numbers to me when 
it comes to my choice of what to buy.
Tom's personal reviews usually guide me more to try something much more 
than numbers but then again I am a baby roaster (yes old but still a baby 
roaster so Benny don't get your beans in an uproar, no I am not attacking 
your attributes).
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4) From: Andy Thomas
--- gin  wrote:
Do you live in a gingerbread house, Gin? ;-)
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5) From: Michael Guterman
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Andy Thomas wrote:
With big chicken legs, honest!

6) From: HeatGunRoast
--- Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee  wrote:
, we were going to use a dynamic 
Anyway, interesting stuff to 
Following up with a little pondering of my own. 
Maybe a programmer geek can design some simple software to add a
personalizing/cusomizing function to Tom's reviews. (If it happened, I'd probably
play in there all day!)  Above all else, the reviews seem to my limited palate,
consistent.  And IMO, that's the first test of a competent reviewer, critic,
referee, etc.  Where we probably differ is in the values we would assign to the
categories.  Of course, for some purposes the categories have to be standardized. 
However, when it comes to transposing Tom's review into our own tastes, Tom's
bottom-line total may be less useful because his numbers are influence by categories
weights that go against our personal tastes.  For example, from the actual review
numbers below, I'd like to plug Tom's absolute number for body-mouthfeel (3.8) into
into my own weighted schema, and I'd give Body-mouthfeel a max weight of 10 instead
of five.  Similarly, I might boost Finish to 15. These two are that important to me.
 Possibly, I'd knock Brightness down a couple of pts (unless roasting specifically
for my vac pot, which I rarely do).  And drop "dry fragrance" altogether. I'm just
making this stuff up right now, but you get the point.  
Dry Fragrance (1-5)  3.4
Brightness - Acidity (1-10) 9.0 
Flavor - Depth (1-10) 9 
Body - Mouthfeel (1-5) 3.8 
Finish - Aftertaste (1-10) 9.2 
Cupper's Correction (1-5)  
Ponder, ponder.
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7) From: gin
I will get even with each of you...
At 08:21 PM 6/30/2004, you wrote:

8) From: Chris Tacy
what would probably be easiest (and i know i'd love it) would be for the
reviews to be downloadable in a delimited format (with scores and notes).

9) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
That shouldn't be hard because I do all reviews in Excel then saves 
as html and format in Dreamweaver. I could just write out the reviews 
to a text or PDF format too.
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10) From: Chris Tacy
the Excel files would work, and i think i saw an Excel2XML thing

11) From: HeatGunRoast
Hmmmm.  I'm barely following Chris's and Tom's last posts on this topic, can't be
entirely sure of what's being suggested, but my pondering continues:  
If we could download the Excel files themselves, we could play with the values. 
Adjust either the category weights or the cupped values if we chose.  Would this be
a)possible or b) messing with Tom's proprietary interests?  Seems like it could be a
tremendous learning tool to scaffold my sloooooowly developing cupping
understanding.  And fun.  I'd be interested to see how it might be used to guide or
suggest blending.  I can also see how all this could really add an interesting
quantitative dimension to the communications on the list--both in terms of personal
tastes broadly and impressions of particular beans.  
--- Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee  wrote:
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12) From: Chris Tacy
it would be possible (careful choice of words) to create functionality on
the (or a) web site where one would be able to set (and store) preferences
of a personal nature and have them filter the base scores as provided by
Tom. this would be "predictive" as a result.
interesting and a fun challenge perhaps...

13) From: Lowe, David
Personally I'd prefer Excel format, but PDF or plain text would be =
Dave Lowe

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