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1) From: miKe mcKoffee

2) From: Lesley Albjerg
I know what you mean Mike.  I let the Africa High Mountain Decaf sneak by me, and I just ordered 11 pounds of the good stuff!   The AHMD is about the best decaf I have ever had!  And as you know, I don't drink that much decaf.   Now more good stuff!  Gayo Mountain is my favorite "Java" for one of my Moka-Java blends.  I also really like it straight too.  I think I will resist until the new Panama comes in!  Who knows what other surprises Tom will have coming!
Stash is too big to want to count at this point.
miKe mcKoffee  wrote:

3) From: Lesley Albjerg
Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee  wrote:
Tom, you don't have to defend yourself!  What other  hobby (serious addiction) provides Christmas year-round?  It was my fault I didn't check out the decafs.
All I can say in my defence is that sometimes their are arrivals that 
take me by suprise (the Sidamo in this case) and others that are 
delayed, such as lots that I have to locate container space for or 
coffees that are put on Customs Hold for a month (ie, anything from 
Yemen). Otherwise I could post a calandar of upcoming coffees, but it 
just wouldn't work. On top of that, we actually end up rejecting a 
lot of coffee once it arrives (Bali this year, a couple Nicaraguas, 
Java, stuff like that that comes in not matching the pre-ship sample, 
or just average...). Its a very unpredicatable trade!
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4) From: miKe mcKoffee
I agree with Les, you have absolutely no defense necessary. The fact that
you won't carry an origin just because it's available but reject lots that
don't meet your high standards is a primary reason I'll continue to buy from
Sweet Maria's. Like other loyal customers I've tried other greens suppliers
in the past that were maybe cheaper and keep coming back. And you actually
do have a chart that showing the different origin cycles.http://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.prod.timetable.shtmlUseful for knowing when to check SM site for you next tantalizing offering!
You and Maria do a fantastic job. Thanks.
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
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5) From: R.N.Kyle
Gee Mike I'd be glad to take some off your hands to get your stash down to a
manageable 200 lbs.

6) From: Lowe, David
I'll second (third?) that!
Dave Lowe

7) From: Jean
From: "Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee" 
I think it would be helpful if you could post a note when you are =
getting to the bottom of something (as you recently made a comment about =
having only about 3 weeks of Kora left).  Your notice would probably =
make the last of it go even faster, but, it would also give those who =
had intended to get more of it a chance to do so.
Jean  :~)

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