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1) From: Darksta986
It's my turn to offer a tradition after receiving some excellent roasted  
Kona from Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee. Thanks again Mike!
I'm offering 3/4 pound bag of green Puerto Rican Yaco Selecto AA along with  
a new large white SM's "Good Greens" Beanface Shirt.  
One name will be pulled from the hat Thurs. evening.  
Good Luck,

2) From: micah milano
Can someone please explain to me what this "Tradition" is? I'm a new
member to the list, so I'm a bit confused. :)

3) From: miKe mcKoffee
We need a URL that explains how IRRC Dave Huddle got this started so it
doesn't have to be explained over and over, just point to it! Think I'll put
it on my to do list.

4) From: Pecan Jim Gundlach
     The tradition is a gift exchange system.   If you win a tradition 
you agree to offer something else coffee related to the list.  
Currently the person offering the tradition pays the shipping and most 
people select the winner with their own somewhat random method.  The 
first tradition winner under the rules of continuing the gift giving 
was Mike McKoffee winning a new Solis replacement burr that I offered.  
At the time the list had frequent flaming bouts and I thought I would 
try to add a gift exchange system similar to that practiced in most 
traditional societies to try to reduce the hostility that tends to pop 
up on e-mail lists.  I haven't systematically tried to evaluate the 
effect of the tradition on the flame rate but informally this seems to 
be one of the more civilized lists lately and what passes for heated 
discussion here is quite mild to what we find on other lists.  Since 
then the tradition has multiplied and I think there may be as many as 
seven or eight tradition streams going now.  Anybody else out there 
delinquent or behind in owing one?   I know I am.
      Jim Gundlach
On Jul 19, 2004, at 9:42 PM, micah milano wrote:

5) From: Ben Treichel
micah milano wrote:
You send your name off list to the person who is offering the tradition. 
If you win it then you have to offer up something coffee related as the 
next tradition.
Ben Treichel
Program Manager
S.E Michigan
248-232-7365 (o)
248-935-6845 (m)

6) From: Darksta986
Congratulations goes out to Ryan D.
Please send your full name and shipping address off list.
Thanks to everyone that entered!

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