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1) From: Lesley Albjerg
Dr. Crema made a visit to Alfred last night.  He didn't have any dark roasted beans!  Full city + was about as far as he went.  One of poor Alfred's problems is that he doesn't have anyone close by to roast with.  He made me an Ethiopian Harar Cappo that was out of this world!  That Giotto can really make the micro foam!  I infected poor Alfred with Isle of St. Helena.  We sampled some of Alchemist John's excellent roasted Brazilian.  As we talked, the conversation went back to why the Professional Barista (Chris, I am using Professional lightly here) can't make a Cappo that comes even close to the one I was enjoying.   The conclusion we came to was two fold.  First, most don't have a clue to the potential drink they can make, and two Who cares if you are filling the drink with so much sugar and syrups you can't really taste the coffee anyway.  Remember when Alfred was posting for the "perfect" setting on his Mazzer?  He was dialing to the bean when I was there.  Let us conti
 nue the
 growth curve on the group!  Alfred has gone from make swill to the nectar of the gods!  

2) From: R.N.Kyle
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3) From: Chris Tacy
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i'd tend to argue that the problems are more profound than what you've =
if you go to the Spellbinder employee blog ( =http://espressofinger.blogspot.com/) and go to the post from the 10th =
of July, you'll see a "manifesto" entitled "Towards a Perception and =
Recognition of Quality Espresso". this was heavily discussed on the BGA =
board for a while. it tries to address the disconnect between the =
knowledgable consumer and the driven pro barista.
and on another note... the truth is that there are hundreds of pro =
baristi in north america would can make capps in their sleep that are =
better than you could believe. the trouble is in finding them.

4) From: Johnny Kent
Given that there are 17000+ cafes,  hundreds of pro baristi ain't enough....
At 07:49 PM 7/29/2004 -0700, Chris Tacy wrote:

5) From: alfred
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Which Brazilian did Alchemist John roast? It made a great presspot this =

6) From: Chris Tacy
not enough for what?
it's enough for folks in many places to get great espresso - if they know
where to go.
it's obviously not enough for one to get great espresso anywhere. it's not
as many as i would like there to be (thus my support of the BGA).
but it's far more than a lot of people know or acknowledge.

7) From: AlChemist John
I'll have to go look at my stash and see which bag it was.  I am not a note 
keeper.  I just know where to find the answer : )
I am drinking it right now as drip.  I find it drinkable by a little long 
of a roast for me.  A touch flat. It was the 23 min HG/MB method.
Sometime around 08:13 AM 7/30/2004, alfred typed:
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
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