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Topic: Krups Moka Brew (17 msgs / 385 lines)
1) From: stjones
I'm looking for opinions from people who have used a Krups Moka Brew about
how good a coffee maker it is.  I think I want to get one, but of course
prefer to consult the College of Cardinals before making final decisions.
Stephen Jones

2) From: Larry Palletti

3) From: Jean
I have the Krups Moka Brew and like it.  Mark did a write-up on it on =
his CoffeeGeek site last fall that convinced me to buy one. The only =
drawback I've had is not being able to find filters for it.  The easy =
solution is to buy cone filters from SM and use an original filter to =
cut new ones.  You'll get two high-quality filters from each cone, =
making the price quite reasonable.
Jean  :~)

4) From: Chris Beck
stjones wrote:
Hi, Steve.
I've had one for quite a while now and overall I really like it.  It's a 
funny combination between a moka pot and vac pot coffee.  Rich and 
strong, yet it doesn't wreck the fine, high notes of a coffee like a 
moka pot.  Works best for heavy bodied coffees, as well as Mexicans, 
Brazils, etc.  Not as good for Konas, or other island coffees, IMHO.
Filters are an issue, but fortunately I travel regularly to Europe on 
business, so I stock up on the Melitta #1 disk filters there, for about 
1 Euro per hundred.
Overall, I prefer vac pot coffee, but the Moka Brew is quick and easy to 
use, and cleanup is a snap.  I highly recommend it!

5) From: Jeff Wikstrom
There is no way to order these filters?  I have considered buying the Moka
Brew.  I know I can make my own filters, but I do get lazy you know.

6) From: Owen Davies
Jeff Wikstrom wrote:
For a while, I cut 92mm discs out of Chemex filters.  These days, I just 
take a Melitta basket-type filter and squash it down into the Moka Brew 
basket with the end of an old Illy can.  This leaves a bit of filter 
sticking out around the lid/shower head, but it is ridiculously easy, it 
lets me get rid of the used grounds cleanly and simply, and it gives the 
Illy can a far better purpose in existence than it had when holding 
overpriced supermarket coffee.
Owen Davies

7) From: Jean
You can order them directly from Krupps.  They have an 800 number.  Cost =
of filters ($5.00 pre 100, IIRC) + shipping makes for some VERY =
expensive filters - keep in mind, those filters are NOT Filtropa =
quality.  You can cut a whole stack of filters at once using the =
Filtropa cones - and each cone yeilds two filters.
Jean  :~)

8) From: Clifton Burkett
What size Filtropa filter do you use?  #4 or # 2
Clif - SomeWhere in Florida with 
Odie the Corgi and  Garfield the Tabby

9) From: Jean
I use #4, but that is because that is the size I use for pour-over =
coffee.  Sorry, I don't know if a #2 would work because I don't know how =
big a #2 is.  
Jean  :~)

10) From: jay hobaugh
Hi there everyone. I just sent an email to Linda who is doing that wonderful tradition
   offering today with the KMB. I realize that I sent this link along with the email but I 
  never did pass this along to the others on this list.
 http://www.krups.com/All+Products/Coffee+Machines/Coffee+makers/Products/T-8_F468/F468.htm  This is from the krups global site. I had read on this list I believe that they still sell the
  KMB to europeans because of some reason or other. Anyhow I had contacted the 
  --USA-- krups about this site and was told, hey this KMB is discontinued. I would assume
  That you could order one of these KMB's from Groupe SEB. They are located in 
  France. I could never justify a purchase of a coffee maker from around the world. 
  Maybe it was a money thing. However that may change in the future.  Anyway I 
  wanted to pass along that info, and one note if someone contacts this site. First remember that do not use the USA contact, I believe they  would say the same thing
   to you that they said to me. Second I am pretty sure Groupe SEB headquarters is
  located in france, so that is the one you would probably want to contact. And third
  Obviously you would need to buy a step down transformer to make this machine 
  operate on our electric circuts. I guess I just thought all around it was more trouble
  than it was worth. 
  So there you go,
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11) From: jay hobaugh
Whoops its really early in my day, I just realized that I posted a link to a site that 
  offers coffee related products to the list. I am so sorry I was only inteding to tell 
  everyone about the KMB availability in europe not to steal any bussiness away from
  Tom and Maria. Again I offer my apolagies about not asking Tom or Maria first, I 
  remember now that that is the correct protocal. 
  Just waking up in Indiana
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12) From: raymanowen
From my perspective, I see SM's supposed competition all over. The world's a
big place, and I live here. It will be a Cold Day in the Place of Fabled
Heat when "competition" takes one of my pesos away from our hosts.
As if they had time to check individual sales habits, my stash of green
coffee vs pesos is upside down. Now I'm testing green coffee that has been
stored upwards of one year, like this Guatemala HHT. In my TV with Gold #4-
first time around it was grim.
From my notes when I first got the TV, I couldn't believe it was the same
bean. It made a good shot in my odd-looking Capresso thingy a few hours ago.
Then I slipped a paper cone filter in the TV. Wow- big flip flop for me, but
the deep fruity sweet is back. Go figure...
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
"When the theme hits the bass, I dance the Jig!" - -Virgil Fox at the Mighty
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13) From: Tim Wat
raymanowen wrote:
So it improved going from gold to paper filter?  First time I've heard 
of this.  Can you elaborate - what flavors did the paper mitigate?

14) From: conradarms
After reading several e:mails about the Krups Moka Brew, I decided I wanted to have one.  I live near Raleigh, NC and started looking for one a few months ago but with no luck.  At the moment I'm visiting my son in Jacksonville, Fl.  I called the nearest Tuesday Morning store, just 11 miles from here and was told they had 1 Krups Moka Brew left.  I immediately went to the store and purchased it, came back to his house and brewed up a few cups of Inida Matadaka...........TO DIE FOR!!!!  When the coffee first started brewing, it looked rather light and I got a little nervous.  But when it finished brewing and I poured that first cup, it was perfect (dark, rich, flavorfull, etc.).  I paid $49 and change for it.  No instructions came with it, but it was easy to figure out......thanks............Dorothy
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15) From: raymanowen
1st out of the TV with just the Gold #4 cone filter, I really thought the
flavor was super. But then the fines started doing what everyone said they
would- overextract to very strong bitter overwhelming flavor. Never did that
to me before
That was a first- I think I just ground too fine and didn't flash-freeze the
beans before I ground, to boot. It tends to reduce the dust particulate
slightly. The beans crack a little more readily after a 10- 15 min cooldown
in the freezer 1layer deep on a foam plate.
I did the flash freeze and added the paper cone yesterday night. Opened the
grinder up to 42 and 50g of the Guat HHT spit out of the Mazzer rotary
broach in about 5 sec + 5more to blow out the grind chamber.
It was sure good. The Guatemala HHT is  G-O-N-E!!
"The indisputable truth is that no coffee is fresh if it isn't fresh
roasted." - -Martin Diedrich

16) From: David
City Kitchens in downtown Seattle has these for
$79.99, I didn't buy one, yet.  Seems like a really
good price considering what I have seen them going for
on Ebay.  I might be persuaded to pick one up for
anyone on the list who is considering one.
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17) From: javafool
This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
I would be very interested in buying a KBM. It would be shipped to
Clearwater, FL 33765. If you would, please contact me offline at tfishe1 at
tampabay dot rr dot com I would appreciate it. I tried to contact you
directly but did not have access to your email address.
Terry Fisher

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